Super Bowl XLIX Commercials

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2015 Super Bowl Commercials


Many folks watch the Super Bowl each year more for the commercials than the football. Super Bowl XLIX was an exciting game that went down to the wire before the New England Patriots ultimately beat the Seattle Seahawks. The 2015 Super Bowl was the most-watched Super Bowl ever.

Budweiser’s “Lost Dog” commercial took the top spot on the 2015 USA Today Ad Meter with an average score of 8.1 In second place was the Always Like A Girl ad and Fiat took third with their “Blue Pill” spot. uCool’s spot for the game Heroes Charge was the lowest-rated 2015 Super Bowl commercial with a 3.12 rating. It barely beat out the Jublia “Tackle It” spot. The T-Mobile commercial, #KimsDataStash featuring Kim Kardashian, was the third worst and the Squarespace commercial featuring Jeff Bridges was fourth.

We’ve rounded up all of the 2015 Super Bowl commercials for your enjoyment.  For even more on the commercials and the companies that pay for them, check out Super Bowl Commercials 2015.

Snickers – “The Brady Bunch”


Budweiser – “Lost Dog” #BestBuds


Doritos – “When Pigs Fly”

“When Pigs Fly” isn’t guaranteed to air during Super Bowl 49. It’s a finalist in the Doritos Crash The Super Bowl contest.


Budweiser – “Clydesdale Beer Run”


Doritos – “Middle Seat”

“Middle Seat” is also a finalist in the Doritos Crash The Super Bowl contest.


Bud Light “Real Life PacMan”


Carl’s Jr. – “Au Naturel The All-Natural Burger”

This is the Extended Director’s cut of the Carl’s JR. commercial that will only air in the western part of the United States.


T-Mobile – #KimsDataStash


GoDaddy – “Journey Home”

Good thing GoDaddy is used to negative responses to their commercials because they are receiving a lot of criticism for this one.

**UPDATE** Word is GoDaddy pulled this “Lost Dog” commercial after the backlash they received yesterday. The CEO of GoDaddy tweeted the following to The SPCA for Monterey County, an animal rescue organization.


The offending commercial is embedded below from a different source. Earlier today, when you clicked on the first search result for the GoDaddy Super Bowl 2015 Puppy Ad on YouTube, it played the Budweiser “Lost Dog” commercial for this year’s Super Bowl.


Jublia – “Tackle It”   

Victoria’s Secret

  Skittles – Marshawn Lynch Press Conference – #ItsThatEasy Big Game Campaign

  Mercedes-Benz – “Fable”

  Kia – “The Perfect Getaway”

  Newcastle presents Band Of Brands: 37 Brands, One Big Game Ad

  BMW i3: Newfangled Idea

  Chevy: Colorado Blackout

  Nationwide Insurance: Make Safe Happen

  T-Mobile – “Sarah Silverman and Chelsea Handler on Wi-Fi Calling”

  Fiat 500x: The Blue Pill

  NCADA- St. Louis “That’s How” This controversial commercial only aired in the St. Louis market.

  Budweiser “Brewed The Hard Way”

  Micorsoft – “Braylon O’Neill”

  Esurance: Sorta Your Mom Lindsay Lohan sorta tries to abduct a child in this commercial.

  Terminator Genisys

  T-Mobile – “Data Vulture”

  Nationwide Insurance – “Invisible Mindy Kaling” After this ad aired, Mindy Kaling tweeted out the selfie she took during it.




Priceline – “Know A Guy”


Kia Sorento – “The Perfect Getaway with Pierce Brosnan


Pizza Hut – “Crust Flavor Challenge with Rex Ryan and Tony Romo


Game of War – Kate Upton


Kingsman: The Secret Service – “Like A Spy”


Jurassic World






Skittles – “Settle It”


Mexico Avocados – First Draft Ever


Dove “Real Strength”


Nissan – With Dad


Carnival – Come Back to the Sea


Esurance – “Say My Name”


Coca-Cola – Makte It Happy

GoDaddy – “Working”

Furious 7

Sprint – “Super Apology”

Jeep – “Beautiful Lands”

Toyota Camry – “My Bold Dad”

Squarespace – On

Pitch Perfect 2

Dodge – “Wisdom”

GrubHub – “Because Burrito”

Always #LikeAGirl

Ted 2

Pepsi – Hyped For Halftime

Discover – “Surprise”

Minions – “Super Fans”

SpongeBob Squarepants: Sponge Out of Water

Mountain Dew Kickstart – “Come Alive”

Reebok – “Freak Show”

Clash of Clans: Revenge Liam Neeson

Heroes Charge

Morphie – “All-Powerless”

Lawyer Mark Jones featuring Mike Jones
This commercial only aired in the Columbus, Georgia market

Kansas City Royals – “Forever Royal”
This commercial only aired in the Kansas City market

Skechers Relaxed Fit – Pete Rose

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