New Tune Friday: “Constant Conversation” Kim Singer

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Kim Singer's new song "Constant Conversation". It's New Tune Friday from RealLifeSTL


Kim Singer's new song "Constant Conversation". It's New Tune Friday from RealLifeSTL



New Tune Friday features local artist Kim Singer this week. Her new song is called “Constant Conversation”

The Billboard Top 5: Covered is a weekly feature we do here at RealLifeSTL where we take the top five songs on the Billboard Hot 100 and showcase a cover of each. These artists producing these covers are trying to make a living as musicians themselves and are often quite talented in their own right. With this new feature, New Tune Friday, we’ll showcase original music from a different artist each week that we have featured before in our Billboard Top 5 posts.


“Constant Conversation” Kim Singer


St. Louis native Kim Singer is a talented musician we’ve written about a couple times before on this blog. We first wrote about her back in August of 2013 when she opened for Jillette Johnson at The Firebird in downtown St. Louis. We wrote about her again in September when she released her debut EP, “Up Ahead”. My favorite songs on the EP, which you should pick up on iTunes or Amazon or wherever , include her songs “Cafe on Broadway” and “Carolina”

The 20-year-old Singer is currently living and attending school in Nashville. She is, however, briefly back in St. Louis for the Holidays. She’ll be playing music tomorrow night, Saturday December 20, at Benton Park Cafe from 8pm -11pm. She promises on Facebook that she’ll “be playing some new songs, covers and Christmas music!”

Enjoy  this acoustic rendition of “Constant Conversation” below and check out Kim’s other videos on her YouTube channel. Also check out her website, follow her on Facebook, tweet to her on Twitter and follow her in pictures on Instagram.


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