Monday Roundup: Joe Kelly, Sony Hack, Sydney

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The Monday Roundup featuring the Sydney Hostage Crisis, Joe Kelly and Derek Jeter selfie, Sony Hack, Rhinos, Mizzou and more

The Monday Roundup featuring the Sydney Hostage Crisis, Joe Kelly and Derek Jeter selfie, Sony Hack, Rhinos, Mizzou and more


December 15, 2014

Joe Kelly Jr. Wins “Best Selfie” Award From MLB Network

Former Cardinal Joe Kelly Jr. was the win in the “Best Selfie” category last night at the MLB Network Social Media Awards. Kelly won the award for a picture he took with Derek Jeter and posted to Twitter. He gave a pretty epic acceptance speech with the help of some friends.



New York High Schooler Makes $72 Million In The Stock Market

Mohammed Islam is a senior at Stuyvesant High School in New York who dabbles with some friends in the stock market. They largely do this on their lunch break. Mohammed has so far made an estimated $72 million in the stock market.

EDIT: So I guess this kid really didn’t make money in the stock market. In our defense, we weren’t the only ones that got fooled.

Mumps Outbreak In The NHL

Sidney Crosby is the latest on the list of 13 players and 2 referees that have been diagnosed with mumps this season. Most everyone in the developed world receives an immunization shot for the disease when they are young, so it’s a bit strange that this outbreak is happening. Most reports says that the outbreak began in November with an Anaheim Mighty Ducks defenseman and spread through the Ducks before moving on to other teams.

Hostage Situation In Sydney

An Iranian refugee stormed the Lindt Chocolate Shop in Sydney, Australia yesterday and took hostages. The standoff went on for 16 hours as police attempted to negotiate with the gunmen. At various points during the ordeal, several hostages were able to escape. A media outlet whose offices are next door is reporting two people dead and at least three injured. The gunman is reported to be among the dead.

Sony Hack Keeps Getting Worse

In case you haven’t been paying attention, Sony Pictures Entertainment recently got hacked and things are looking really bad for the company. The new movie from Cameron Crowe starring Bradly Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams and Bill Murray is apparently terrible. A Sony executive called Kevin Hart a whore in an email. The script for the new James Bond movie leaked. Amy Pascal, who has been the Chairman of the Motion Pictures group since 2003, is the most frequent offender of saying dumb things in emails. She might end up fired. Hackers are now threatening a “large Christmas gift”.

The company was hacked by a group calling themselves the “Guardians of Peace”, which may or may not be backed by North Korea. North Korea is pretty upset that Sony is moving forward with making The Interview. David Boies, Sony’s Entertainment lawyer, sent a letter to various media outlets threatening them if they continue to possess or publish the stolen Sony documents.

Five Northern White Rhinos Left In World

There were six northern white rhinoceros left in the world as of Saturday. On Sunday, Angalifu, died at the age of 44. Now there are five left in the world. All of them are in captivity. Sudan, in Kenya, is the last remaining male of the species. The species ended up at this point largely due to poachers, because poachers suck. Efforts to naturally breed new rhinos have failed. People who deal with these things are still holding out hope for artificial breeding down the road.

Idiot Uses Crane For Marriage Proposal

A man in the Netherlands thought he’d be cute and rent a crane to propose to his girlfriend. He apparently was going to show up at her window as she slept and play the guitar. Yes, of course this has terrible written all over it. The crane fell over an put a whole in the neighbor’s roof. When people were trying to right the crane, it fell again and took out the rest of the roof. Six apartments had to be evacuated. The couple is now in Paris celebrating the upcoming nuptials that will make them Mr. and Mrs. Idiot.

Johnny Football Has Horrible Debut

Johnny Manziel got his first NFL start yesterday and it did not go well.  Here’s Johnny being better.


Dave Steckel Leaving Missouri For Missouri State

In a move that came to light only over the weekend , Missouri State announced yesterday that Dave Steckel would take over as the head coach of their football program. Steckel, the current Missouri Defensive Coordinator, had spent the last 14 years at Missouri. Steckel is taking a pay cut of over 50% to fulfill his dream of becoming a head coach. Twitter was abuzz yesterday with positive words for Coach Steckel and well-wishes from the Mizzou camp. Current Missouri defensive line coach Craig Kuligowski and current Memphis defensive coordinator and Mizzou alum Barry Odom are considered high on the list to replace Steckel.

 Lori Chalupny Returns To United States Women’s National Team

Local product Lori Chalupny started for the U.S. Women’s National Team yesterday in their game yesterday against Brazil. The U.S,lost 3-2 as Brazil’s Marta, a five-time World Player of the Year, recorded a hat trick. The game was special for Chalupny as it marked her first action with the team since 2009. Chalupny was held out of the U.S. Soccer player pool because of what they said were her previous concussion issues. Chalupny continued to excel at the club level during her absence at the USWNT level, most recently for the Chicago Red Start of the National Women’s Soccer League. The whole ordeal was confusing, but hopefully now Chalupny can make a difference on the field for the USWNT and earn her spot on the 2016 World Cup roster.


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