From Demi to Kourtney: What Moms Never Expect When They’re Expecting

Rachael W
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Kourtney K Baby BumpIn the words of my favorite Golden Girl, “Picture it, St. Louis, 2014.” There are photos of scantily clad women everywhere. Drunk driving and minor crimes among celebrities are barely even news worthy stories, let alone headlines.  Now more than any other time in our history, differences are celebrated and self-expression has been given room to flourish. In many ways, both good and bad, we have become a more tolerant society; open, accepting, forgiving, nurturing. So when I heard about the most recent celebrity “scandal,” Kourtney He Man Woman HatersKardashian’s pregnant photo shoot, I was more than a little frustrated with the media’s portrayal of her.

Now, literally anyone I know would be the first to tell you that I’m not the kind of girl to come to the defense of a Kardashian. In fact, I would probably be the first one in line to push them in front of a bus. Well, that is, if it didn’t hurt them, and/or it brought about world peace. With headlines like “You’ll Never Believe What Kim’s Big Sister is Up To Now!” and “Another Kardashian Bares it All!” I was ready for the usual scowl/eye roll combination that almost always follows. Much to my pleasant surprise, that moment never came, and I actually found the photos of Kourtney Kardashian to be both beautiful Keep Calm Respectand tasteful.

Demi Moore CoverIn fact, Kourtney Kardashian is not the first celebrity mom to make waves with her baby bump. She is however, one of the most clothed pregnant celebrities to face the cover of a magazine, and yet she faces the same criticisms. Although there is some debate, many cite Demi Moore’s 1991 cover of Vanity Fair as the first celebrity baby belly citing. Moore’s magazine cover was completely nude, and is even today considered by many to be obscene and inappropriate.

breastfeeding In a society where almost anything goes, we continue to criticize and shame women for celebrating one of the most beautiful and natural experiences in life. Today, it is more acceptable to broadcast the baby making process than the baby growing process. And, if you are lucky enough to get through your pregnancy without your “decency” being questioned, good luck with the whole breast feeding debate! SNL Breast Feeding In our society, breasts are for TV, and using them to nourish your child will probably get you a ticket for indecent exposure, or at the very least earn you some very dirty looks. So while I don’t see Kourtney Kardashian making my list of potential celebrity BFFs anytime soon, in defense of moms everywhere, I’ve got her back on this one.




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