Have a Berry Good Thanksgiving!

Mary Korte
3430 days ago.

Cranberry sauce is an integral part of the holiday table, a natural accompaniment to that big old turkey. Unfortunately, too many people are cranberry sauce haters, born of the experience of the jellied crap in a can. Seriously, I would be a hater too if that was all I had ever eaten! Homemade cranberry sauce is so simple, so amazing, and wonderfully tasty; you will be amazed it has been kept from you this long!

Cranberries themselves are wonderful little fruits, full of vitamins. The harvest and growing process is really interesting. If you have never seen it, check it out on Ocean Spray’s website.

I learned to make this homemade cranberry sauce from an old Betty Crocker cookbook before the days of YouTube and the Food Network.  I was going to make my own Food Network quality video, but I would have had to clean the kitchen, practice, and put on makeup. Too much work!  Instead, there is a really cute video on the basics from

My favorite is the version with the orange juice, orange zest, and a big old cinnamon stick. It is incredibly versatile. You can add pears, apples, nuts or even chipotle!

This stuff is so good, you probably won’t have any left over!  It is so good, you can use it as jam!  Heck, you might need to make a double batch when you realize that you can make cocktails out of it!  There are some great cocktail recipes on Pinterest such as cranberry margaritas, a cranberry mimosa, cranberry amaretto kiss and 3 other creative cocktails Cranberry-Mimosas-from-Susan-S

Not a drinker? Use the leftovers on those turkey sandwiches instead of the mayo, use it as a glaze for some meatballs or little smokies, warm up some brie, or add some maple syrup to it and warm it up to top your pancakes or waffles.

This is the easiest and quickest item on the Thanksgiving table and the bump in taste you get from making it yourself is wildly worth it!

Stressing out about the whole Thanksgiving feast in general?  Check out Ted Allen’s tips from Food Network!

Above all, remember and give thanks for everything you have and enjoy the holiday!

Mary Korte

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