The 4th Of July…What a Holiday

Michelle Bullock
2866 days ago.

thCA6Z87LT Gearing up to take the kids to the annual 4th of July family barbecue, I was reminded of how my mother absolutely hated this holiday and my father absolutely loved it. This was one of my father’s favorite holidays. It was warm so we could play horseshoes, and the kids could run through the sprinklers all day. The grown-ups would be busy preparing some of the best cook-out food around. Dad would get ready to light the night sky with what he hoped was the loudest and brightest fireworks display and then end the night with a great poker game.

My mother was very patriotic, don’t get me wrong, but she was also a mother of 6 rather adventurous children that made her nervous with every move they made. She also was involved in a firework incident when she was younger that forever left her with a phobia of any and all fireworks. I remember, since I was the baby, I had to “come in the house with mommy, Shelly.” I wish my mom had Pinterest back then, at least I would have had some fun activities while watching through the window as my brothers, sisters, and father blew up the neighborhood!

th Now that I am a mom, I find myself doing to my children the same thing my mother did to me. I envision fireworks coming straight for my children and I break out into a panic. This is no fun for my adventurous children and my husband that is just like my father. I want my children to watch the fireworks through the window in our safe house while my husband wants to buy the entire fireworks stand to hand to the children. I end my 4th of July by tossing and turning because I just know that the one stray bottle rocket will land on our roof and catch my house on fire. Seriously? My mother has successfully passed on her red hair and her phobia of fireworks to me!

This year is the year I break the chain. We will all participate in the festivities. I have done my research and found some pretty good advice and safety tips to ensure the kiddos and myself have a safe and fun holiday. Not to mention, I do have Pinterest.

thCAQSSIKH PBS Kids has great tips and fun activities that I know I will be trying out with my kids. I have purchased What is the 4th of July, to help explain why we celebrate the holiday. I will make sure they pass on the reason we celebrate instead of the fear of fireworks. We are a free nation. This country is our country. We should all be proud of what this day stands for. Heroes have fought and died to keep our country free. It’s our Independence Day.

Whatever you have planned for this awesome holiday; parades, barbecues, or fairs – be safe, have fun and remember…

If you’re looking for somewhere to go to enjoy the fireworks from afar, rather than have your family light them off in your neighborhood, check out the fireworks displays around St. Louis.


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