Videos of the Wednesday: Tess Boyer, Stephen Colbert, Subservient Chicken

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Videos of the Wednesday by

Videos of the Wednesday by

April 30, 2014

Tess Boyer: “Ain’t It Fun”

The former St. Louis Rams cheerleader sang this song by Paramore for her Top 10 performance on NBC’s The Voice. Boyer, from Glen Carbon, Illinois, was eliminated from the show this week.


Molly Kate Kestner Singing ” His Daughter”

It’s a powerful song and this high school senior has some amazing skills.


Stephen Colbert on Donald Sterling


Intramural May Be The Most Perfect Sports Movie Ever

I post videos. Let Bacon over at Total Frat Move tell you about why you can’t wait for this one to be in theaters. The fact that it is far from a Disney movie, but directed by a guy named Disney is awesome.


Words Can’t Describe Kalan the New York City “Street Performer”

Taken from Gothamist. It’s part of their “No Your City” series by Nicolas Heller.


Subservient Chicken Returns To Promote Burger King’s Chicken Big Mac

Apparently this was a thing for Burger King back in 2004. In talking with the Associated Press, Burger King’s chief marketing officer touts the appearance on Dustin Diamond in this video. That alone should make you question why this guy has a job. From watching the video, I am pretty sure that Diamond is the guy Subservient Chicken fights in the ridiculous cockfighting segment. Also, this sandwich this promotes, the Chicken Big King has a ridiculous name and is a Big Mac with chicken patties instead of burger.


Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos

From Mashable.


Girl Drops Phone and Tries To Retrieve It


Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd Star In They Came Together. Out June 27  

From BuzzFeed and Slate.

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