The UN-Birthday Party

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As a working mom, it’s sometimes hard to have as much time with my kids as I’d like. By the time we’re all home for the evening, there are responsibilities like homework, dinner, dance practice, and baths all before bedtime at a reasonable hour. It’s difficult sometimes to feel like there is any quality time spent, so when there is a weekend free, I feel the pressure to make it as cool as possible. After all, I’m trying to make memories that last a lifetime.

photo 2 Last weekend, I had the weekend free and as I sat at the breakfast table with my littlest one discussing our options for the day, we had a fantastic idea! My kids, much like all kids, LOVE birthdays. Birthdays and birthday parties are like the Holy Grail of all kid activities for them. As we discussed places that we might go that day, the conversation shifted to the places that some of her friends have had birthday parties. That’s when I made a suggestion that rocked her little world. “What if we have a birthday party today?”

photo 1 It wasn’t anyone’s birthday. It wasn’t even relatively close to anyone’s birthday. She looked at me with confusion and my mind was now reeling with fun ideas of how to implement this party. Since it wasn’t actually anyone’s birthday, we’d celebrate it like it was everyone’s birthday. We invited grandma and grandpa; we each drew names from a hat and set a $5 present limit. We bought decorations, balloons, and even a cake! We made a taco bar and hung streamers from the ceiling. That evening, we had an UN-Birthday party! Thanks to the help of the dollar store and Five Below, the whole event cost less than a dinner out and certainly created priceless memories!

What spur-of-the-moment activities have you done with your kids to surprise them? Share yours below to keep the party going!
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