Easter DOs and DON’Ts

Lydia Vaughan
1420 days ago.

Easter is a day full of spring colors, sweet treats, and family fun! It’s only a couple of weeks away, so here are a few reminders…

1) DO:  Take the kids to get that classic Easter bunny picture!

easterbunny(lehighvalleylive easterbunnyweekendnotes

DON’T: Parents, there’s a BOLD LINE between good memories and nightmares. Know. That. Line.

scary-ass-easter-bunnies-photos1 Creepy-Bunny-1-creepyfinds.com_

2) DO: What kid doesn’t love an Easter egg hunt? Fill ’em with coins, dollar bills, or candy and hide them around the yard. You can even put small glow in the dark bracelets into the eggs for a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt at night!


DON’T: This. Don’t do this. I PROMISE you can find really cheap Easter baskets at Walmart.


3) DO: Fill those Easter baskets to the brim! (You know, the Easter baskets you’re going to get from Walmart). Chocolate bunnies, chewy jelly beans, egg shaped bubble gum. Whatever you crave, make sure to enjoy that Easter candy! Come on, Jesus is risen!


DON’T: Now, I’m not very superstitious…But even I’m not about to buy one of these. Not on the Lord’s day.


4) DO: Speaking of Easter candy, you MUST EAT PEEPS.

rhemuthcastle peeps

DON’T: Peeps are perfect the way they are. Don’t blow them up.



5) DO: If you’re not normally involved in church, pop into a service nearby and check out an Easter play! Some churches put on some pretty big productions.


DON’T: And if you are involved in church, don’t be the guy who ruins the whole play.

6) DO: Like every other holiday, a family photo is in order.


DON’T: Maybe just leave the creepy demon bunny out of the photo?


7) DO: If you can’t spend the day with your family, spend it with some friends! Everyone can bring a side to contribute to the meal.








DON’T: Uhhh, I don’t think that’s necessary. Don’t bring that.


8) DO: And if the Easter festivities are happening at your place, be sure to decorate! Indoors and out!

outdoor-easter-decorations-easter-egg-scatters-hurricane-set 70-Awesome-Outdoor-Easter-Decorations-For-A-Special-Holiday_08

DON’T: Just be sure to carefully consider the placement and arrangement of your Easter displays.


Keep all of the above in mind, and you’re guaranteed to make Easter 2014 a success!

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One thought on “Easter DOs and DON’Ts”

  1. I agree with all of these except the Peeps. They’re disgusting. More like Do: Eat as many Cadbury eggs as you can before they’re gone. Don’t: Eat Peeps!

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