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President Barack Obama sat on Zach Galifianakis’s web series “Between Two Ferns” about two weeks ago. The episode went online today. It’s officially the 18th episode of Between Two Ferns, which is produced on comedy site Funny Or Die. The comedian famous for his role in the Hangover franchise makes sure that Ferns doesn’t take itself too seriously.

We won’t spoil the interview by telling your our favorite parts.


President Obama is the most high-profile guest to sit between with potted plants with Zach but it’s not like D-list celebrities have only been on before. The first episode back in 2008 featured Michael Cera and the next three featured Jimmy Kimmel, Jon Hamm and Bradley Cooper. Episode five did feature a D-lister along with Cooper, Carrot Top. Will Ferrell, who is one of the men behind Funny Or Die, was on episode 13. Justin Bieber’s appearance on the show was the best film work of his career before his deposition video surfaced.

Speaking of Funny or Die, now is a good time to look back at the site’s first video back in 2007, The Landlord. The video featuring Ferrell and his foul-mouthed landlord has 81 million views.


Check out other episodes of Between Two Ferns thanks to Huzzaz.

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