Fast Food Fish Sandwich Showdown

Melissa DeCicco
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fishlogos It’s Lent. Wonderful time of the year but dreadful for lunch time on a Friday. I can only eat so many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and macaroni and cheese. Sometimes, you just need a fried fish sandwich. But where do you go? Every fast food establishment has advertisements this time of year for their fish offering. I am not quite sure why fish sandwiches are only important during Lent. I recognize that fish sales go through the roof around this time but that is no excuse to add a fish sandwich to your menu if you are not going to put any effort into it. It is a giant waste of money for you and a waste of time and empty calories for me, your customer. Seriously, if you are just putting a fried fish stick on a bun, please do us a favor and remove it from your menu. Fish sandwiches can actually be delicious if you try, just a little. Surprisingly, there are a few fast food places making a really great fish sandwich worthy of your Friday Lent lunch.

So, who wants to do the leg work to find the best one? This girl.

The top 4 are pretty decent but beyond that…don’t waste your time. Your best bet, if you are going the fast food route, is either Burger King, Long John Silver’s, or Captain D’s for the sandwich or White Castle for the Fish Nibblers!

Fast Food Fish Sandwich Showdown Results…

1. Burger King – Great flavor, moist fish, tangy tartar sauce, toppings included a pickle and lettuce, the breading is crispy, and it has a great artisan bun. You can also get this sandwich with cheese, onions, and the King sauce if you choose. I was surprised by how good this sandwich was. Definitely put in some extra effort to make sure the sandwich tasted great! I would order this sandwich even after Lent!

2. Long John Silver’s – This is my go-to dinner option when I have a craving for fast food during Lent, but I had never had the sandwich. It was surprisingly spicy…so I had to react and grab my drink quickly. It was a huge portion, delicious breading, and had an above average bun. Great tasting fish.

3. Captain D’s – The sandwich had a great toasted and, likely, buttered bun so that was nice. It was crispy, flavorful, and a good portion size.

4. Jack-in-the-Box – Nice crispy breading and a good quality tartar sauce. Fish also had a good flavor and consistency.

5. McDonald’s – It is an average fish sandwich. They do include cheese so that is a nice touch.

6. Arby’s – Slightly disappointed with this fish sandwich as I had high expectations. It had crisp breading and a good, sweet sauce but the fish was bland and didn’t have anything powerful in each bite.

7. White Castle – Not surprisingly, this sandwich looks and tastes a lot like all the other sliders. It did have cheese but the tartar sauce was scarce and bland when you could taste it. However, I highly recommend the Fish Nibblers! They are breaded in the same manner as their cheese sticks and they are amazing! They are actually not even very greasy. I would order these even if it weren’t Lent.

8. Dairy Queen – As far as little effort goes, Dairy Queen takes the cake (pun intended). While the ice cream is delicious, the fish sandwich is really disappointing. It was poorly put together and had NO sauce, just a bun and some straggly pieces of lettuce. Really dry and the fish flavor was overwhelming.

9. Wendy’s – I think Wendy’s must have changed their buns in the last year or so. I really dislike the taste. I will no longer even purchase their other sandwiches because the bun taints the flavor so badly. I still tried the fish sandwich but the bun was awful, the fish looked and tasted under-cooked, and it had very little flavor.

Looking for a fish sandwich during Lent is serious business. Share your fish sandwich critiques with us!

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