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Wondering what videos are making their way around the interwebs this week? We’ve got you covered.

February 19, 2014

“Ignition (Remix)” : Always A Classic. Even when sung by a ragtime band led by Jimmy Fallon


“Ice, Ice Baby” School Closing Announcement

The closing announcement is very clever. My question is why is that administrator wearing the ridiculous sweater that Ralph Lauren puked out for Team USA to wear during the Sochi Opening Ceremonies. 1) It retailed for $600 originally and has sold out. Even if he got it then, HE PAID $600 FOR THAT. What kind of money does he make? and 2) I question whether he should be influencing the youth of our country when he shows the kind of judgement necessary to buy that.


Speaking of Vanilla Ice


The “Kiss Cam” Is Great

This guy went to a Minnesota Gophers hockey game with his sister on Valentine’s Day. Either he knew someone running the video board or he used common sense and figured that sitting next to an attractive women would get him on the “kiss cam”. Either way, he came prepared. I’m sure whoever runs the digital department at “The U” is freaking out considering this video is over 4.5 million views.


This cover of “Let It Go” Is Awesome

I included this video yesterday in The Billboard Top 5: Covered. I’ve included it here because I think it is awesome.


More Jimmy Fallon

Lots of celebrities bet against Jimmy. This bit occurred during Fallon’s opening night as host of The Tonight Show. Most notable is the apperence of Joan Rivers, who was banned from the show in 1986 by then-host Johnny Carson. 


This video is closing in on five million views. It also occurred on the opening night. Think of it the lovechild of the “History of Rap” bit Fallon did with Justin Timberlake and one of the most-watched videos of all-time “Evolution of Dance”.


Kimmel Premieres “Guardians Of The Galaxy” Trailer


Gotta Love The Jamaican Bobsled Team

Better than the song from Cool Runnings because it’s real.


130 Pounds Is 130 Pounds

Read the whole story from Total Frat Move.


Goats Have Skills


Dude Break Million Dollar Vase In Protest

The story goes that some idiot who fancies himself an artist was protesting this museum’s display of art from international artists rather than local art. Pretty sure that this guy is just mad that five-year olds finger-painting produced better stuff than he does. The vase he broke was said to be thousands of years old. This video would have been better if museum security had ran across the room and clubbed him. The “artist” deserves that. Or maybe the museum could create its own art by dipping this dumbass in paint?


Really Old People Are Awesome


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