St. Louis Reptile Show

Lydia Vaughan
3646 days ago.

Something unique is coming to St. Louis! If you like little critters, if you’re looking for a new small pet, or if you’re just wanting to take the kids to a neat reptile display, this is an event you don’t want to miss!

Look at that smile! :)
Look at that smile! 🙂

The St. Louis Reptile Show is returning to STL on March 9, 2014. This will be their first show at their new location: The Doubletree Hotel in Westport. The show goes from 10am to 3pm. Admission is $6 for 12+, $3 for 5-11, and free for 4 and under!

Once every few months, The St. Louis Reptile Show brings together a bunch of  creature lovers–aka reptile vendors–to showcase and sell reptiles of all kinds: snakes, lizards, turtles, chameleons, geckos, frogs, monitors, iguanas, even caiman (scary!), and probably some others that you didn’t even know existed. A few of the vendors even sell critters that aren’t a part of the reptile family: chinchillas, hedgehogs, tarantulas, and other fuzzy critters.

Holdin' a hedgehog!
Holdin’ a hedgehog!

I myself am a total reptile freak, owning 2 Chinese water dragons, a chameleon, and 2 tarantulas. But even if you’re not in the market to purchase a new pet, The St. Louis Reptile Show is a really fun place just to look!

Taking home a new friend!
Taking home a new friend!


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