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This post originally linked to the livestream of last night’s debate but now has the full video.

Last night Bill Nye, The Science Guy, debated Ken Ham, the founder of the Creation Museum. The subject was basically “how old is the earth?” Is it 6,000 years old, like the bible says, or is it a whole lot older, like Nye claims science says.  Some scientists were a bit upset with Nye for being part of the debate, which the Creation Museum is selling a DVD of for $19.99 each. You could also purchase 60 DVDs for $299.

The video above of the debate has already been viewed over 720,000 times.  At one point last night there were multiple hashtags about the event trending on Twitter. The 800+ tickets to the event sold out in minutes and attendees were asked not to tweet.



There were estimates of 1 million people or more watching the debate live online.  Considering the fact that this debate pitted foes from science and religion against each other, it was considered unlikely to really change minds. Nye relied solely on science in his arguments whereas Ham relied a whole lot on the words of the Bible.

Nye is of course famous for Bill Nye the Science Guy show that aired 100 episodes over five seasons from 1993-1998. The show’s first episode tackled the issue of flight.


Last year we also saw that Bill Nye had quite the set of dance moves on Dancing With The Stars.


Here are some more links about the debate.

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Another place to watch the debate and get some more background.

This debate came about because of this incident of Ken Ham slamming Bill Nye.

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