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Auditions, Hollywood Week, and new this season, Rush Week, are finally over. America voted and last night their votes for who they want in the Top 10 for Season XIII were revealed. America’s votes were counted for the Top 10 and then J.Lo, Harry, and Keith picked the Wild Cards to make up the Top 13.

So here they are. Your Top 13 American Idol Contestants…in order of my favorites.

CJ Harris

CJ, the old school country boy from Jasper, AL, was a Wild Card pick. There’s really no question that he belongs here. Here he is performing his Wild Card Song “Bring It On Home To Me” by Sam Cooke. Great pick by J.Lo!

Alex Preston

Alex, the shy singer with a gorgeous voice from Mt Vernon, NH made it through with America’s votes. Here is performing the song that got him through: “Volcano” by Damien Rice.

Caleb Johnson

Caleb, the confident, energetic rocker from Asheville, NC was another who made it through with America’s votes (but he’s also a judge favorite). Here he is doing what he was born to do, rocking out to “Stay With Me” by Faces.

Malaya Watson

Malaya, the tuba player who you can’t help but love even when her vocals aren’t the best, was another of America’s favorites. Here’s her performance during Rush Week.

Jena Asciutto

Jena has one of the most interesting voices this season. She was a Wild Card pick by the judges and sang an original song called “Unbreakable Me.” The song is amazing and will probably be recorded even if she doesn’t win.

MK Nobilette

My guess is that MK is currently America’s favorite. She receives the loudest cheers every time she performs and was a Top 10 pick through America’s votes. She sang “All of Me” by John Legend during Rush Week and her mom cried the whole time; it was beautiful.

Sam Wolfe

Seventeen year old Sam (who the tween girls love) sang David Gray’s “Babylon,” a personal favorite, during Rush Week and nailed it. He was voted through by America, which was well deserved, in my opinion.

Emily Piriz

The 17 year old Orlando, FL gal who shocked Harry during her first audition for singing “Paris” by Grace Potter made it into the Top 10 with America’s votes. She sang “Paris” again during Rush Week and it seemed as though Harry still didn’t enjoy it. Here’s her performance.

Ben Briley

Ben is another country boy from Tennessee. He’s a bit more versatile than some of the other country singers that were in the running, and his performance of “Soul Shine’ by The Allman Brothers during Rush Week proved that he deserved a spot in the Top 13.

Majesty Rose

Majesty, the 21 year old pre-school teacher from NC, made it through with America’s votes as well. While she isn’t a stand out, she’s a cute little bundle of joy that just makes you happy. Coincidentally, she sang “Happy” by Pharrell for her Rush Week performance.

Kristen O’Connor

Kristen has been off and on so far this season. She sang “Turning Tables” by Adele during Rush Week, which was good but not great. She was not voted in by America, and had to sing for a Wild Card spot. She sang “Unconditionally” by Katy Perry. I didn’t think it was that great, but she was chosen by the judges for a Top 13 seat. Here’s the better of some of her performances.

Dexter Roberts

Dexter is a serious country boy from Alabama (lots of country boys in the mix this season). While I’m a big country fan, he’s just not one of my favorite singers picked for the Top 13. However, he was voted through by America, so someone must like him. Here he is performing “This Ole Boy” by Craig Morgan.

Jessica Meuse

And rounding out the Top 13, Jessica, the rock-looking chic from small town Slapout, Alabama who performed the country song “Drink A Beer” during Rush Week, made it into the Top 10 with America’s votes. While I’m not a fan of her voice, it’s clear that America is. Here she is performing “Drink A Beer.”


J. Lo rocking it So there they are, your Top 13 American Idol contestants for Season 13. Stay tuned to hear them perform next week Wednesday at 7pm CST.

Or if you’re not a fan of any of the idols, Season 6 of The Voice starts next Week Monday. Usher and Shakira are back as judges with Blake and Adam. You can watch at 7pm on NBC.


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