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Michelle Bullock
3079 days ago.

So it’s the beginning of the year and everyone is trying to keep up with the biggest New Years Resolution – getting fit and healthy. It’s the time of year when we feel like every scale we step on is laughing at us!

The big family Christmas present this year for the Bullock’s was a treadmill (apparently Santa thinks we need to lose a few pounds). In addition to the treadmill, I found a great little motivator in a wristband!  My Fitbit! securedownload

The FitBit Flex is an amazing wristband that tracks your activity from how many steps you take, your active minutes, calories burned; it even tracks your sleep! You can sync your Fitbit to different apps like myfitnesspal. Whatever information you log in to myfitnesspal will sync to your Fitbit! Your Fitbit also syncs to your smart phone. In this time where we are all connected to our smartphones, you can constantly track and monitor your health. They have made it incredibly easy. In addition to tracking your activity, you can set your Fitbit goals and even set silent alarms. You can wear your tracker to bed and your Fitbit’s alarm will use quiet vibrations to wake you. The wristband comes in black but you can buy different colored bands like red, turquoise, and green. thCALYAQ9C

I have only had my Fitbit since January 1st and I have lost four pounds! With being able to instantly see calories I’ve burned and progress I have made, it motivates me to keep going! Another fun aspect of the Fitbit is that you can connect with your friends that have it. You can cheer them on or taunt them or just send them fun messages! The Fitbit Flex and the Fitbit Force are both wristbands. The Fitbit Trackers are clip on devices.

I cannot get enough of my new little wristband! I would love to have more friends to connect with and get all of us motivated to keep moving!  If you haven’t heard of Fitbit and you are looking for something different to help motivate you to get healthy and get moving, check it out.  When you get yours, friend me and I will definitely cheer you on and maybe taunt you just a little bit!

Whatever you choose to do to get healthy, please remember to keep it all in perspective. Be careful, be educated, and have fun or it’s just not worth it!

Here’s to a Fit 2014.


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