Our Future Just May Be In Good Hands

Michelle Bullock
2909 days ago.

I’ve never spent a day in college.  I graduated high school and actually fell into my career just being at the right apartment community at the right time.  I have never had the want to go to college; I have always loved what I do and I have had some pretty awesome mentors that have taught me so much and helped navigate me through my career.

That being said, I recently visited Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and was pretty amazed! siue

I was attending their Merchant Fair and was able to interact with many of the students. Some students were new freshmen; others were ready to walk across the stage. The atmosphere was laid back and relaxed, yet very organized.

Each student that approached our table was respectful, knew what they were looking for, had positive attitudes and were all very extroverted.

There are times I cringe thinking about the future when I see negativity on the news about the youth of today.  It makes me wonder what kind of leaders we are going to have to help us run this country.  Are we going to have leaders?

My question was answered yesterday. If the youth across America are the same as the youth I encountered at SIUE, we are in some very capable hands.  These young adults know what they want and they are ready to work hard to achieve success.  Maybe it was the ambiance of a college setting but the young adults I came across won me over.  I know that no one is perfect, no matter their age, but the news about the youth not caring these days is false in my eyes.

The people making these statements have to remember that at one point we were the “youth of America.” The hippies grew older and wiser and they were youth that people worried about.  The kids of Generation X and the Grunge Kids have all grown up (believe me we have), and we were the youth gone wrong! Remember that when you become worried about the future.  You may have been part of a generation that other generations worried about.

belushi I have a new respect for today’s youth. They may have it “easier” in some ways but just like the generations before them, they have the weight of the world on their shoulders. What we have to realize is that the world is a bit heavier than in past generations.

I think given half a chance these young adults will show us that our future may just be in good hands. thCAHI7RYT


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Michelle Bullock

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