The Best of The Best of 2013

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The best of the best of 2013 lists from around the internet
The best of the best of 2013 lists from around the internet
The best of the best of 2013 lists from around the internet

The Best of The Best of 2013

With the year 2013 drawing to a close, it’s the time of year where lists are compiled marking the “Best of” or “Worst of” of the year. There are also plenty of videos out there this year that attempt to tell the story of 2013. We’ve tried to compile as many as we thought worthy into this post.

Biggest Scientific Breakthroughs: There are 11 billion potentially habitable planets in our solar system. No way we are alone.

People are gullible: Manti Te’o got outed way back in January for actually being single. Jimmy Kimmel also pulled this amazing hoax off.


 Speaking of hoaxes, some of these on this list of The 7 Greatest Craigslist Posts of 2013 from BroBible may be fake. Hopefully for the sake of humanity at least a few are fake. And you may not want to click on that link while at work.

People also occasionally do or say really stupid things. Sometimes they get fired for it. Some people just tell really bad jokes. Celebrities said some awesome things in 2013 and TMZ made a video of them


There were a whole lot of cute animals born at zoos in 2013. Here in St. Louis, Raja turned 21 in 2013. Going back to cute animals; they get cuter when they fail at things. BuzzFeed gave us 30 gifs in addition to this.


There were a whole lot of local news bloopers. This video was posted several days ago and has already shot past 11 million views.


Salon put together their favorite Fox News moments.

Cracked puts out some pretty awesome content. Here are their top 25 stories and top 15 videos from 2013.

While we’re on the subject of great content, check out the top 20 Riverfront Times covers of 2013. The RFT also put together a list of the “Ten Worst St. Louis Crimes of 2013”.

Stan Musial passed back in January of 2013 and was the lowlight of the year in St. Louis sports. The Cardinals had a heckua year before falling in the World Series. Yahoo put together a list of 50 sports figures that we lost over the course of the year. Cracked put together a list of people that you may not know even died.

Some people did really stupid things to put themselves in the emergency room. Like to their genitalia. Or they just “fell on something”.

Some people were just perfect in 2013, like Kate Middleton and Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer also made lots of news with her hair. Miley was just perfect all around. So was Zac Efron.

Going back to sports, did you see any of these “Top 10 NBA Clutch Shots” when they happened? Do you really care? Wouldn’t you rather just see Blake Griffin being ridiculous?

Not into NBA basketball? Here are the top 50 plays of the year in one video.

The 50 Best Sports Plays Of 2013 by worldwideinterweb

How many of these awesome films did you see in 2013? What about these ten? Were you unlucky enough to see any of these of the list for worst films of 2013?

Television more your thing? Do you find yourself saying any of these lines?

How many of these dishes did you try in 2013? Dave Lowry over at St. Louis Magazine picked them as his 12 favorite St. Louis dishes. Matt Berkley over at Sauce ranked his top 5 St. Louis cocktails for 2013.

“Haters gonna Hate” comes to mind here, but this video makes a pretty solid claim that all of the hit country songs in 2013 were basically the same.


I would venture to say that lyrics play a pretty big part in music. These 17 lyrics did not go over so well. Actually they were picked as “The 17 most jaw-droppingly terrible lyrics of 2013″.

Some people have way too much time on their hands. I’m okay with that when they make awesome movie posters.  Speaking of creating awesome things, check out these awesome adverts. Also, these award-winning pictures rock.

Happy 2014 everyone.

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