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Melissa DeCicco
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Lush Produce Having a child has really changed my perspective on almost everything. I never really questioned anything before and now I question everything. One thing that I have always had reservations about was using products with unknown ingredients on my body. Specifically, deodorant, shampoo & conditioner, and lotion. I know that most studies say these products are harmless but I don’t feel the need to risk it when viable alternatives are available.

I was accidentally introduced to LUSH products when a friend suggested I go there for a Christmas gift for someone who has everything. The experience walking into a LUSH store was unusual at first. I am typically a low-contact type customer. I really enjoy perusing stores with my own thoughts and little interaction. That is nearly impossible in this instance.

Upon entering the store, I looked around and all of my being was flooded with stimulation. First, you notice an overwhelming scent, slightly off-putting at first but then it becomes magical and makes your mind crave more information. As soon as you think you have taken in all that you can, you begin to look around. You begin to think you accidentally walked into a colorful farmers market produce section mixed with an ice cream shop. Your eyes dart to all corners of the shop and you are suddenly filled with curiosity and excitement. Should you eat it or squeeze it?

This is when you realize you have no idea what to do in a produce section ice cream shop and you ask for a tour. Make sure to have a little time on your hands because you will want to experience everything. And so your journey begins.

The experience of being in LUSH is enough to have a lifelong love affair with their products but then you learn about the company and you start to feel a fierce loyalty. This company is demonstrating how your core beliefs can transform a business but also become a movement. Fighting for natural products and an end to animal testing (don’t click the link if you are easily disturbed) among other noble things.

I brought a friend with me on my second adventure at LUSH. I wanted to make sure the air didn’t have some weird addictive scent that I was unable to shake so a second opinion would help me validate my feelings. Turns out, she loved the experience and the products as much as I did. Here are a few of my (and her) early recommendations:

Natural LUSH Hair #1. My favorite so far is the Buffy. It is brilliant. It is a bar that you use in the shower but after you are finished. You use it like a bar of soap over your body and then rinse it off before exiting the shower. I haven’t had to use lotion on my body since I started using the product and it lasts all day. They have options that exfoliate and those that don’t. I will never live without this product in my shower again.

#2. Big ShampooVeganese Conditioner, and Sea Spray. My hair speaks for itself.

#3. Aromaco Deodorant. The smell is unusual at first, but I promise you will feel amazing using a natural product.

#4. Angels on Bare Skin, Grease Lightning, and Vanishing Cream. (Friend tested) Amazing combination for your face, especially if you suffer from acne. Her face feels so incredibly soft and is actually glowing.

#5. 9 to 5 – Feels totally fresh on your face! They even reference Dolly Parton in the description. It’s like they knew I was coming!

These products are performing even better than my traditional commercially produced go-to’s. My skin is so soft and my hair looks amazing! They also have fun products that you have to see in person like the bath bombs, bubble bars, and massage bars. The good news is, they have extensive reviews on each product on their website and also tips on usage and videos of how the products were made. However, I highly recommend that you actually physically go to the store and see what happens!

Guys, if you need a fabulous gift for your special someone around Valentine’s Day…click here for a gift she will love!

Enjoy your LUSH journey and share your first experience there in our comments section! You can experience LUSH at the St. Louis Galleria or at the West County Mall Macy’s store.

*This article was not sponsored by LUSH, just my opinion.

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