The Great Christmas Light Fight

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christmas lights If you haven’t put up your Christmas lights yet, you’re way behind! If it’s because you’re unsure of how you want to decorate, then you’re in luck! ABC created a new show this year called ‘The Great Christmas Light Fight.’ Crazy Christmas decorators fighting for the chance to win $50,000. The best decorated house wins.

The first episode aired this week Monday with 4 families: the Holt family from Chesapeake, VA, the Goff family from Canon, GA, the Blount family from Laguna Hills, CA, and the Lynch family from Whitestone, NY. They each run through how they prepare their homes, giving tips and tricks that you can use to help you get ready when decorating your home for Christmas. The judges are Michael Moloney and Sabrina Soto from Extreme Home Makeover. They judge each house based on: Use of Lights, Christmas Spirit, and Overall Design.

gingerbread house We all know St. Louis loves us some holiday light displays, and while I’m surprised that one of our homes on Candy Cane Lane or Geoff’s Lights didn’t make the cut, it’s fun to watch either way. I drive through these light displays every Christmas and it wasn’t until I saw this show that I realized how much I take them for granted. It’s crazy work! These people use over 150,000 lights for one house. The Blount family even created their own Christmas song to choreograph to the lights. It’s just insane. But the end result is absolutely stunning.

The best house by far was the Lynch family. His house isn’t just a light show, it has window displays and lawn displays and the family encourages the public to walk through his lawn to check out all of the details he puts in to his Christmas display. It’s like the Willy Wonka Christmas Factory.

The 2nd episode airs on Monday, December 16th at 8pm, where 2 more families will win $50,000. Put it on your schedule to watch. It will bring a smile to your face, the Christmas spirit to your heart, and give you some great ideas for how to decorate your house for the future.

Want to know where you can see some live Christmas light displays in the St. Louis area? Read this.

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