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Inspired from the trending Twitter hashtag #2014ConcertWish, and the fact that I received tickets to see the ‘Miley Cyrus: Bangerz Tour’ for Christmas, I’m feeling like it’s time to create a 2014 Concert Wish List for all the kick-ass concerts that have been announced (or are soon to be announced…probably) for 2014. Miley-Cyrus-Bangerz

1. Obviously first is Miley Cyrus. Since I have tickets already, I can scratch her off my wish list and add her to my I’m Going! list. I’m sure the ‘Miley during her Hannah Montana phase’ concerts were nice for the singing value, but the Miley in her onesie wearing, hammer licking, wrecking ball phase is going to be Epic. *Note: I’m not one who uses that word really ever, so you know it’s truly going to be epic. Her Bangerz Tour hits St. Louis on April 16th at Scottrade Center.

2. Garth Brooks: Earlier this month, Garth announced he would be going on a 3-year world tour starting in 2014. While he hasn’t not been performing, he hasn’t done a tour since 2001. Not to mention, he plans to make this one crazy. He’s talking about a new sound system “so everyone in the room can feel the thump” and all sorts of cool stuff. His wife Trisha Yearwood will be touring with him and I’m guessing there will be plenty of surprise guest musicians along the way. As a country fan this is a huge deal…and it may seriously be his last tour, which is why it’s on my 2014 Concert Wish List.

3. Lady Gaga: The ArtPop Ball: Lady Gaga was just in St. Louis in February for her ‘Born This Way Ball’ tour but she has already released the dates for her 2014 ArtPop tour. The tour starts in May and ends in July. While the current list doesn’t include St. Louis, she may add more cities later in the year. Or you can drive to Chicago to see her perform there in July. Rumor is her album and concert ticket prices have been reduced as sales are a bit low, so you may get to see one of the most over-the top decorated stages and the most elaborately dressed, amazing performer for a bit cheaper than you thought.

katy perry 4. Katy Perry: Katy announced the first part of her ‘Prismatic World Tour’ back in November. While she hasn’t announced the U.S. dates and locations yet, they are coming very soon. Her tour starts in the UK in May. I haven’t been to a Katy Perry concert, but the way she describes them and the photos of the outfits I’ve seen her in during performances makes me think of Willy Wonka Land, with stages just oozing with color and elaborate details. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly she said “I always try to take it to the next level” but she also mentioned that she would be “very close to people.” That all sounds reason enough to put her on my 2014 Concert Wish List. Of course there’s also the fact that she is dating and just performed a beautiful song with the gorgeous and uber-talented John Mayer. Which means he’ll probably make an appearance a time or two.

5. Ed Sheeran: He has been the opener for Taylor Swift’s Red Tour this year, but he’s far too good to be anyone’s opener. Now that he’s been topping the charts and receiving Grammy nominations, it’s time for him to begin his own tour. While he hasn’t actually announced a tour for 2014, he finishes the Red Tour with Taylor in February, has a fantastic new single “I See Fire,” and he posted on his website on December 18th: “Time for a rest, the real fun starts next year.” And then there was this tweet:

I think that’s hinting at a new 2014 album and tour, don’t you?

I’m even submitting an old concert selfie to Live Nation’s Concert Selfie Sweepstakes to help make one of my concert wishes come true. Sure the chances are slim to none, but hey, the more people who don’t submit a photo for that reason, the better my chances.

What  concerts are you wishing to see in St. Louis in 2014?


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