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AMA performances, Albert Pujols Miley Cyrus, Nelly, Road House and more in The Monday Rounup
AMA performances, Albert Pujols Miley Cyrus, Nelly, Road House and more in The Monday Rounup

November 25, 2013

Albert Pujols Basketball Shoot Out All-Star Game

The Pujols Family Foundation put on their annual charity basketball event yesterday in Town and Country. Pujols and Aeneas Williams were among the athletes that took part in the basketball game alongside children and young adults with down syndrome. KMOX has a couple pictures from the event. William Greenballt got this awesome picture that he tweeted out.



‘White Girls”, a parody of “Royals”

Yahoo’s Sketchy put this together and it is pretty hilarious.


And you thought pro wrestling couldn’t get nuttier

Liveleak posted this over the weekend.


Road House remake on the way

Rob Cohen, who directed the original The Fast and the Furious, is reportedly going to direct the Road House remake. No word on who will play Patrick Swayze’s Dalton character from the 1989 original. I hope to God that the casting is better in this one than in Cohen’s last film, Alex Cross. For someone unknown reason, Tyler Perry was picked to play Detective Alex Cross in that one. Hopefully whoever made that decision is working in a mail room somewhere now. The decision was so bad that it probably could be included in this list. Any actor taking the role has a lot to live up to.


What the hell Family Guy?

WARNING: SPOILER Seth McFarlane’s Family Guy already died once in 2001 when FOX canceled it after its third season. It took the network two years to realize they should bring the show back after it saw the dvd sales numbers and syndicated reruns viewership. The show is now in its twelfth season. Brian, the talking dog, is one of the main characters of the show and is one of only a few to have been in every episode. In last night’s episode Brian was hit by a car and died. Normally Stewie would have been able to save him using his time machine, but  it was dismantled earlier in the same episode and couldn’t be fixed. McFarlane explained the twist to E! Online. The Griffins got a new family pet to replace Brian and the whole thing didn’t go over very well with fans last night.



There was video tribute to Brian at the end of the episode last night.


American Music Awards

Some awards were handed out and some songs were performed. I enjoyed the Florida Georgia Line and Nelly performance.

Miley Cyrus performed and it was of course interesting.


It’s a great time to be a Tiger.

Huge win for my Missouri Tigers over Ole Miss on Saturday. This Saturday at home against Texas A&M is HUGE. Gary Pinkel’s team moved to #5 in latest BCS standings. Ohio State isn’t a lock to beat Michigan this week although the Buckeyes are real big favorites. Florida State QB Jameis Winston is still in the middle of a very ugly situation. If Mizzou wins this week and takes the SEC Championship December 7 in Atlanta over the winner of this week’s Alabama/Auburn game, they could be included in the BCS Championship game talk. Mizzou Volleyball won Sunday to push its record to 33-0. With a win Wednesday night at home against Arkansas they will finish the regular season undefeated. On Saturday they became the first Missouri team to win an SEC title. The NCAA Division 1 Volleyball National Champion is decided in the same manner as the basketball champions with a 64-team tournament. The National Champion will be decided December 21 in Seattle.

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