Black Friday Has Gone High Tech!

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TGI Black Friday
TGI Black Friday

If you’re like me, when you hear the words “Black Friday,” the sounds of a harp ripple in the air, your eyes begin to dance, your heart sings, and you feel this uncontrollable need to smile. Black Friday is more than just another day to shop for Christmas gifts or find great deals on some of your favorite items. For me and my girlfriends, it’s an all out adventure! There is an art to shopping on Black Friday. A system that you must practice every year until you have perfected your shopping experience in order to get all of the great bargains this day has to offer. What’s even more exciting this year? Drum roll please……….”Black Friday” has a new App!

No more running through the stores (and yes I admit…we do run) with paper ads of our wish lists. No more fumbling through the ads to make sure we’re in the right line, then realizing oops, wrong store, wrong ad! Even worse, grabbing for my bargains (sometimes there might even be a bit of a scuffle) and losing my ad in the process. I am forever grateful to DealCatcher. Now all I need is my phone! Shopping Black Friday hands free….it just doesn’t get any better than that.

The new TGI Black Friday App powered by has gotten rave reviews (and it’s available for both iPhone and Android users):

  • The New York Times – “An app called TGI Black Friday lists the upcoming deals from more than 50 stores, which can be handily searched to find the right deal on a wide variety of products.”
  • CNN – “The app, which boasts over 8,000 Black Friday deals from major retailers, is aimed more directly at bargain hunters.”
  • PC World – “Black Friday Deals are never out of reach if you’ve got an iPhone, thanks to TGI Black Friday.”
  • The New York Times – “…ditch the Post-it Notes and Excel spreadsheets for an application called TGI Black Friday, which compiles a searchable list of more than 8,000 deals at 50+ stores.”
  • The Wall Street Journal – “Looking for Black Friday deals? There’s an app for that… recently launched a free iPhone app called TGI Black Friday.”

Download the new TGI Black Friday app here:

Download the iPhone, iPad App

Download the Android App

I’ve downloaded the app and have already found several great buys! One of my favorites is a 50′ inch flatscreen for $288 at Walmart!!! Lets work together, what are some other great buys you’ve found?


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