The St. Louis Cardinals-A Team That Makes A City Move

Michelle Bullock
3831 days ago.

The St Louis Cardinals have meant so much to our city for so many years.  Every generation has a Cardinal memory; whether it be dressing up and going to Sportsman’s Park to see thCAFEVAZO Dizzy Dean pitch one of his many complete games, watching thCA2XNT1G Stan Musial become a legend, watching Ozzie Smith flip as we obey Jack Buck and “Go Crazy”, or having our heads eaten by Fred Bird. Everyone remembers the sights, the sounds, and the smells inside Busch Stadium.  The smell of the grass and hot dogs, the beautiful stadium filling up with red; finally the boys of summer enter their home stadium and everything is right with the world. We have cheered them on to many victories. We are saddened when they lose and we all are always their biggest fans! th (3)

As the first game of the world series begins, I think about my fondest memory of our beloved St. Louis Cardinals. It was October 20, 1982. I lived off of Eichelberger and Gravois. I remember my whole family was plastered to the television, watching every minute. The Milwaukee Brewers were the enemy and we just had to win.  As young as I was, I remember that I did not breathe much and was nervous the entire game.  It came down to the last inning with Bruce Sutter on the thCANPW23W mound.  It felt like forever until that beautiful last strike! Then the chaos ensued. People were coming out on to the field to celebrate with their Cardinals.  I remember my sister opening her huge picture windows that faced Gravois and just watching the people go crazy! You could literally feel the city of St Louis.  I could hear the fireworks and Kool and the Gang singing Celebration.  I was able to stay up with the adults that night as they continued to laugh, cry, and reminisce about the spectacular sight they had just witnessed.  I remember looking up at my big sister as she talked about thCAHZJ1IL Willie McGee and Ozzie Smith. I remember my mom laughing about how she had a crush on Bruce Sutter.  This was my first World Series and I will never forget how a baseball team could move an entire city.

Last Game of the World Series-1982

Today I am sending all my good vibes to Boston as the boys of October take to the field. My son is six and this will be the first World Series he will remember.  I hope the City moves for him on a cool October night!

Everyone has a great Cardinal memory; what’s yours?



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