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Melissa Jensen
3819 days ago.

IMG_20131007_192414_936I have an addiction; I love coffee.  I’m not a coffee snob; I’ve been enjoying some fantastic drip brew with pre-ground beans at home lately.  I’ve also been known to enjoy Quik Trip coffee on weekend mornings when my husband doesn’t feel like making it at home. My favorite coffee shop is Park Avenue downtown, but since I don’t work downtown anymore, it has become few and far between. The Starbucks phone app has a grip on me and I get overly excited every time I watch a star fall in the cup.


I have found a new addition to my love: Vietnamese coffee. This is not for the type who like it black and bitter. This is for those who like it sweet and milky. It is nearly equal parts sweetened condensed milk and super strong French Roast coffee, and it is amazing. I make it at home with my Moka Pot (I don’t have a traditional Vietnamese Filter) and it turns out fantastic. To try the real thing, however, I suggest one of the fantastic Vietnamese restaurants that St. Louis has to offer.  Pho Grand in South City comes highly recommended as does Little Saigon in the Central West End.  If you haven’t tried Vietnamese food, I suggest you go for the coffee and also try Tofu Dac Biel, my favorite meal, or any of their other delicious food.

If you love your coffee sweet, you must try some Vietnamese-style! And for my Vegan friends, you can even make Sweetened Condensed Milk!



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