Time to Get Your Garden Going

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Time to get your garden started Spring is here and it is time to start thinking about planting your garden. I love having a garden, but we do not have a lot of space so I have been doing some research on the best layout and type of plants for small spaces. For many years, I had a very large garden at my grandpa’s house but since that is no longer possible I have had to scale back on my vegetable wish list. This is actually very hard for me since I love canning and eating all the fruits of my hard work.

Last night we started preparing the soil and purchased the plants we wanted. When I am planning my garden I think about what I am going to eat the most & what I will do with it. Top on my list was tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, jalapenos, onion, zucchini and lavender. Can you tell I am thinking salsa and pickles? The lavender is for good luck. I am not sure if it works but my grandpa always taught to me to do it.  I also like to plant herbs, but I usually put them in a pot to free up space in the garden.

A little tip I heard about cucumbers: if you plant sunflowers near them it will make them sweet, but do not plant them next to melons because it makes your melons have a sour taste. Cucumbers are also climbing plants and do well off the ground so you could put up an archway to decorate your garden and have the cucumbers grow on the arch. Just an idea. Another tip I found was to mix equal parts Epson salt and sugar and put a little in each hole of your plants. It will help make your plants fuller and more leafy.

I also put cages around my tomatoes to help give them support as they grow and to keep the tomatoes off the ground. Be sure to give your tomato plants space so they can produce a lot of fruit for you.

I found a companion chart on Pinterest and I’m going to use it to help with my layout this year. If you have not started your garden, don’t worry, it’s just now getting into planting season.Plan for plants that work together.xlsx

Happy Planting!

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