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I’m not suggesting my manners are perfect 100% of the time, but there are certain courtesies that everyone should just innately know, and yet I’ve noticed that many people don’t. Here are my Top 5 common courtesy fundamentals that I’ve noticed many people in St. Louis seem to be lacking.

#1. When someone is on their way out with their hands full and keeps a door open for you with their elbow or foot as a nice gesture rather than letting it close in your face, that does not mean it’s acceptable to just walk through the door without grabbing it for yourself behind them. They have simply opened it for you; they are not intending to stand there and hold it open for you like you’re a princess. Oh, and you’re welcome.

This is what I feel like doing every time someone just walks through the door without grabbing it or saying thank you:


#2. When someone is driving through a parking lot or pulling out of a parking space, walking in the middle of the aisle so that they have to drive .2 mph behind you or can’t pull out until you have completely passed, is unacceptable. You don’t drive down the middle of two lanes and you shouldn’t walk down the middle of the aisle; move to the side. It’s not rocket science, it’s common courtesy. Move or be moved, that’s my motto.

 #3. Whenever someone lets you go in front of them in a high traffic situation, or lets you out of a parking lot in front of them at a stop light, you should give a little wave of acknowledgement to thank them. I don’t do it to be thanked, but for goodness sake, have some manners people!

Here’s what I have to say to those who think they’re too good to give the thank you wave:

ross geller

#4. I don’t expect parents to never take their children out of their house, but if your kid is a screaming tyrant, then never take them out of your house. If I go out to a restaurant to enjoy a nice, quiet meal, I don’t want to hear your child screaming for 20 minutes of it. There should be a rule that if you’re going to let your child continue to scream and cry instead of taking it outside or learning parental control, then you should have to pay for everyone’s dinner who’ve you’ve ruined or well…


#5. We all know it’s important to show your significant other that you care about them, however, making out in line at a grocery store with people standing right behind you, or walking down the sidewalk with your hand on their ass is not cool. They have a hand; how about holding that? It’s really quite simple; don’t gross other people out in public.

Kudos to this guy for giving this PDA couple a little surprise:


So that’s all for today from the Manners Police. Have any common courtesy fails that you’d like to share?

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