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Melissa DeCicco
3368 days ago.

Google Glass in STL

I am generally not the type to get overly excited about new technology. We didn’t have cable until I was in college. We didn’t have a computer until the late 90’s. I didn’t get a smartphone when they came out. Glass is different. I have been excited since day one.

First, stop the madness. Glass has not even officially been released and people are grossly overreacting. I feel like we are back in the days before computers were in every home (or hand) and when texting was thought to be useless. Do we ever learn from the past? Relax. Let’s stop regulating new technology and start identifying ways to utilize Glass productively.

Lately I have been thinking of situations where Glass could replace my phone. These are not from a tech perspective, just mine 🙂

My child is growing up before my cell phone eyes.

I am a new mom and I am trying to catch all of my son’s ‘first’ moments on camera. While it is much easier than it was in the past given that I don’t have to run to get the camera then wait weeks to get the film developed, I still have to find my phone and then wait for the camera to open and then…the moment is gone. My poor child walked for the first time while looking at me holding a big rectangular phone in his face. How much more special could that moment have been to look him directly in the eyes and still capture that amazing moment.

Along the same line, there are so many moments that I catch a glimpse of but could never capture in time with a traditional camera or phone. Glass offers the opportunity to save more of those moments with little distraction and allow us to still be present in the moment and not focused on taking the picture.

Capturing everyday moments, safely.

No matter what you are experiencing, Glass allows you to really experience life again and not be a slave to your phone. Improv Everywhere ran a mission as seeing eye people to help cell phone texters safely cross the street to illustrate how distracting phones can be. Funny, it almost seems as though we are talking about the extinction of the cell phone…

Share moments even more quickly.

Yes, social media allows us to share things, often over-share, and with great speed. So why share them even faster? I guess faster isn’t the ideal word, more conveniently fits better. I can share moments live while they happen or share a photo with a simple swipe, never looking down at a contraption.

Training tool.

A Google hangout could now be a live training hub. Not only could I share what I see on my computer screen but also anything else I was working on to train a new skill.

It’s just fun. 

There are so many possibilities with Glass. It can send you alerts when you want them, set up your to-do list, give you directions, and tell you about the weather. It all seems simple but this is just the beginning. Remember when phones were just for calling? I can’t wait to try out all the new apps that are sure to be coming soon.

Lastly, for those of you referring to Glass as unattractive or nerdy, is it really more attractive to have a huge phone held up to your face or that stupid Bluetooth piece on your ear? Maybe so, but I actually think they look uber cool.

While a bit dramatic, SNL did a funny skit describing how awkward Google Glass is perceived:

I have had the chance to test glass a few times and will be soon sporting a pair of my own as part of the explorers program. I am beyond excited to share the journey with you, dorky looking or not. More to come…

Join my #STL Glass G+ circle to see St. Louis through Glass! What would you do in STL if you had glass?


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