Don’t Get Caught With Funky Toes

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pretty-feet It’s been way too long since I’ve been able to wear sandals. Now that the season is in, I’ve seen many an unloved foot. Please take this advice: If your toes are gnarly, wear ballet flats or tennis shoes. I do my pedicures at home. You can buy home kits at Wal-Mart, Amazon and many other places for a pretty decent price (by decent, I mean $10-$30). I prefer to use peppermint lotion and foot wash because it makes my feet tingle and feel really smooth. When you do your own pedicure, if your feet are rough, it is imperative that you have a callus shaver. This is essential to having smooth feet.

So if you want to get your feet sandal ready without spending a whopping $40 or more for a pedicure, and not have to worry about having your feet prodded and poked by strangers, here are my at home pedicure tips:

1. Remove all toenail polish. Clip your toenails and any dead skin around them. Don’t go too deep of course–I’ve done that and it’s not pretty.

2. Use the callus shaver around your heels and big toe area. Any areas where your feet are rough, this puppy will smooth them out. The callus shaver I use is like sand paper and sometimes I have to press firmly to get all the dead skin off.

3. Wash your feet. Or if you have one of those foot soakers, by all means use that since now your feet have new soft skin to treat. I do not have one and honestly have not found it necessary to purchase one because what I do is sufficient for me. However, for some it may be necessary.

4. If you want to paint your toenails, now is the time. Pick a nice spring color–mint green is in this season. I also have those stickers from the beauty department with flowers on them…it depends on my mood. Don’t forget to apply a clear coat before the color so the paint doesn’t stain your toenails.

5. Once your nails are dry, it is time to apply your lotion of choice. This is my favorite part because it makes my feet feel so fresh. Apply generously because your feet will soak it in. Many people will wear socks after this step to allow the moisture to set in for a few hours or over night. I wear flip flops around the house because I’m so excited my feet are pretty again.

I hope this helps you out. I despise paying for things when I feel like I can do a better job myself at home.

Do you have any Summer sandal feet do’s and don’ts?


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