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Melissa DeCicco
2851 days ago.

Mother’s Day is almost here. I am so excited to spend my first Mother’s Day with my son and family and enjoy some warm weather and a delicious brunch in St. Louis!

Recently, my husband asked what I want from James for Mother’s Day and it got me thinking. Often, kids make cutesy gifts at school for their mom which will always be cherished. However, wouldn’t it be great if your kids made a fun craft item with dad or grandma that you actually want to display in your house or even wear? I figured it has to be possible. So, here are my 8 favorite Do It Yourself Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that moms will really love!

Decoupage Picture CoastersDecoupage Picture Coasters

Supplies: pictures on regular paper, wood cut-outs (round or square), decoupage solution, scissors, chalkboard spray paint (if desired), and a paint brush.

Find the cutest, most recent pictures of your kids or family and print them out on regular paper from the computer. Cut out the pictures so they are slightly larger than the wood cut-out. Paint the back of the picture with the decoupage solution and place it on the wood making sure to flatten the image out so there are no bubbles and roll it around the edges (you may want to paint the coasters a color so the back isn’t plain), then put a layer of decoupage on top. You will apply a couple layers of the solution to make sure the picture will not get ruined from any water it may encounter. We also took one coaster and sprayed it with the chalkboard spray paint so the kids could write a cute message.

Mom Chalkboard Picture FrameMom Chalkboard Picture Frame 

Supplies: wooden picture frame with 3 picture holders, chalkboard spray paint, colored chalk, letters that spell m-o-m, stickers and a camera.

Take out the glass and spray paint the wood frame with the chalkboard spray paint. Take pictures of your children (it can be furry kids too) holding the letters (mine were wood, you can also print out letters or purchase foam letters) and then print the pictures to spell mom in the frames. Use the colored chalk to put their names or a cute saying on each frame. We used cute stickers of foot and paw prints as well.

All About Mom VaseAll About Mom Vase

Supplies: vase (solid color or paint a glass vase), magazines, scissors, decoupage solution, paint brush and flowers.

This is my personal favorite. Kids will love to go through old magazines and find all the words that make them think of mom! Have them cut out all the words. Put the decoupage solution all over one side of the frame and have the kids put the words all over it – it is ok if they overlap. After all the words have been placed, put a couple layers of decoupage solution over all the letters (it will be white until it dries – then do another layer). After that dries, repeat on all sides of the vase. Then add some colorful flowers and maybe a Happy Mother’s Day sign that you attach to one of the flower stems. This present will go great with breakfast in bed for mom!

Foot Print Picture FrameFootprint Love Picture Frame

Supplies: wood picture frame (I found this at Michael’s), colorful paint, scrap-booking stickers, small paint brushes and a picture.

This can be done with your child’s feet or hands. It also might be fun to sponge the frame in lighter colors before putting the foot/hand prints on it for more color.


Love Hand Print Purse

Love Hand Print PurseSupplies: cute purse or diaper bag (you can purchase one at a place like Michael’s or jazz up one that mom already owns), paints and brushes, iron-on letters and an iron.

If you have a more cooperative child (a ten month old has a really short attention span), it would be cute to get 2 hand prints on this in the shape of a heart. You can put any wording that you like on it as well.


Chalkboard Mug

Chalkboard MugSupplies: black mug, chalkboard spray paint or chalkboard paint, colored chalk, hot glue gun and cute ribbon.

Spray or paint the outside of the mug (or small area of the mug) with the chalkboard paint. Glue the ribbon around the mug. Have the kids write something fun for mom on her mug. This is cute going forward as they can leave her cute messages all year long!


Foot Print Scarf

Foot Print ScarfSupplies: white (or light colored plain scarf) and assorted fabric paint colors.

My son was not enjoying this – but I think it will work perfectly when he is slightly older. Have the kids put hand and foot prints all over the scarf. This will make it look very colorful (especially with lots of hand/foot prints) and people won’t even realize they are hand prints until you tell them. People will be asking you all day where you got your scarf and you can tell them it’s an original!

Picture Bookmark

Supplies: cardstock paper, a picture printed on regular paper, narrow ribbon, a hole puncher, stickers, decoupage solution and a paint brush.

Picture BookmarkFind a great family photo or one of just the kids holding letters that spell mom or love and print out the picture on the computer. Cut out a bookmark size design from the card stock and cut your picture to match. Add the decoupage solution to the back of the picture and place on the bookmark. Add stickers if desired. Then put decoupage on top – again 2 layers or so. Punch a hole in the top and add some ribbon or if you are feeling crazy, maybe some pretty stones on a string. Splurge on your chore money and get mom a fabulous book to go with her new personalized bookmark.

There are so many things you can do with these ideas. While I am not the best craftsman, I was able to create all of these DIY Mother’s Day gifts pretty easily. No matter what you create, mom is sure to love it.

Happy Mother’s Day!

8 DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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