How Baseball Beer Prices Once Saved The World

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St. Louis Cardinals Opening Day So I had the chance to catch the late innings of Cardinals Opening Day Baseball yesterday. And I must say – it didn’t meet the hype. Maybe it was the late inning melt down that gave cause for the blowout score. In all fairness, I am not a huge baseball fan. I liken it to watching paint dry. But I do like being outside on amazing spring days and good company. I guess you could call me a fair-weather fan. Goofy humor aside, there is one thing I really have a disdain for – beer and food prices. At least I did.

Beer Prices Do Change the World

baseball beer receipt How many of you get absolutely red with frustration when you shell out $11.75 for a plastic cup of beer? Does it help that they call it Souvenir Beer? To be frank, I’d rather poke myself in the eye than pay that kind of money. Not unlike many of the arbitrary taxes we pay across this great country. I digress. Random item of note before we break for another paragraph – my guess is that if you anger about paying these prices – you don’t have kids or they don’t play sports.

I used to be like that. It really burned me up to pay no less than $100 to $150 to attend one ball game (tickets included). I used to think of it as legalized robbery. I used to think; I pay for your stadiums and your ridiculous player salaries through crazy ticket prices – at the very least give me a break on the beer and food. That is until my son started playing football and I got the St. Louis Cardinals crash course in concession stand fund-raising.

baseball souvenir cups

You see; concessions are run by volunteers and many of those volunteers are typically the parents of children who play on one of the many local little league sports teams. A very healthy piece of that beer money goes to support local little league sports teams. Be it football, basketball, baseball, soccer or gymnastics; the money helps supplement equipment: jerseys, shorts, socks, shoes, etc. It allows for otherwise underprivileged children to participate. It helps parents that are working to make ends meet get their kids involved in activities that keep them headed in the right direction.

So I look at it this way; in a loose sense, beer prices really do have the chance to save the world.

Your so much more accepting of the high price of concessions real life stl maniac,




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