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2016 updated: It’s a new year, and as always, there are new food truck events popping up all over St. Louis. There’s Feast in the Park, Parks Food Truck Fest, Taste of Trucktober, and plenty of others. However, the first food truck event, now in it’s 6th year, that helped create the food truck boom in St. Louis, is the one and only Food Truck Friday.

Check out the 2016 Food Truck Friday Schedule presented by Sauce Magazine in Tower Grove Park:

1st Food Truck Friday! May 13th: 4-8pm (put it on your calendar now)
June 10: 4-8pm
July 8: 4-8pm
August 12: 4-8pm
September 9: 4-8pm
Last Food Truck Friday: October 7 (this one usually starts earlier)

The Food Truck Friday List for 2016 (subject to change):

Angie Burger
Brazil Express
Sarah’s Cake Stop
Seoul Taco
Frankly Sausages
The Sweet Divine
Steak Louie
Guerilla Street Food
LuLu’s Local Eatery
Pi On The Spot
Zia’s Italian
Totally Toasted
Slice of the Hill
Smokin’ Monkey
Completely Sauced
Go Gyro Go
Russo’s Trucktoria
Cha Cha Chow
Destination Desserts
Slide Piece
Mission Taco
Revel Kitchen
Smitty’s Snack Shack
Pyro Pizza
K Bop
Fire & Ice Cream
Gioia’s Deli
Bombay Food Junkies

Meet some of the food trucks of St. Louis here: Meet the STL Food Trucks 2 and here: Meet The STL Food Trucks

The food truck craze is still in full affect and I’m excited to test out some of the new trucks added to the list this year. Some of my favorite oldies but goodies that it appears will be there include: Pi on the Spot, Completely Sauced (their Po’ Boys…yum), and Cha Cha Chow (get a BBQ Pork Taco). I’m not a big dessert fan, so I generally head straight for the meat, but The Sweet Divine is a must-save-room-for truck.

In addition to the food, there will be live music.
May 13th – Letter To Memphis
June 10th – Emily Wallace
July 8th – Tommy Halloran
August 12th – Bottoms Up Blues Gang
September 9th – Cree Rider
October 7th – Western Satellites

Speed Pass: You can purchase a speed pass for $10 at the Sauce tent, which is good to use for 1 time at 1 event to expedite you through the line if you’re feeling extra hungry.

Some tips from someone who’s been:
  • On a nice day the lines will be long. If you get there late, there may not be much of a variety left so get there as soon as you can.
  • Most (likely all) take credit cards, so you don’t have to have cash. Although it probably speeds up the process a bit.
  • Bring a lawn chair with a cup holder. A blanket will suffice but you’ll have to set your drink on the ground which could easily get knocked over by someone walking by. Some people go all out and bring tables and wine and such, which is cool but not necessary, but a blanket or lawn chair is a must.
  • If you live in the South City area, make sure you know where you’re going before you try to hike it there. If you live close to Grand, it’s about a 20 minute walk. If you have a bike, I highly recommend biking, although there is also plenty of parking. Just keep driving towards Kingshighway until you see the food trucks and park on one of the little streets that run through the middle of the park.
  • They don’t often have their full menu to choose from, so if you’re viewing their menu before you go, understand some items may not actually be sold at these events.

Besides Food Truck Fridays, STL food trucks are out every day all over the St. Louis area. If you would like to try all of the menu items from the food trucks, check out their Twitter accounts and you can see where they are every day or check out They list all of the food trucks in the St. Louis area and link to their websites or facebook pages where you can view their full menus and decide which you want to try first.

Do you have a favorite food truck? If so, where can they most often be found?

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9 thoughts on “Food Truck Fridays”

  1. I love the concept. I just wish they were more embracing in terms of the neighborhoods. I live in Dutchtown and after being here a year, have yet to see a food truck down here.

    1. I know! I live in Soulard and they don’t come out our way. I wonder why. Although the Koken Art Factory did host a food truck meet-up back in March so I think they are willing, we just have to give them reason to come over that way. I think if Ted Drewes got together with them and did a little food truck event (because I don’t believe any of the food trucks do ice cream), it would be a big success!

      1. Long story about why they aren’t in Soulard. I don’t think there is the demand really except MAYBE for special events 

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