Better Than Ice Cream

Melissa DeCicco
2155 days ago.

Gelato Di Riso Better than ice cream? Yes, it is possible. Enter Gelato. I discovered gelato when I moved near The Hill is St. Louis. I am a dedicated, loyal customer at Gelato Di Riso where you can not only get great gelato varieties, but also amazing coffee drinks, desserts, and lunch as well! I love this place so much I actually had them at my wedding a few years ago.

Why should you choose gelato over ice cream?

1. It contains less air than American ice cream, making it much more flavorful and delicious.

2. Made with natural flavors (not syrup) and milk instead of high-fat cream.

3. The fruity variety are made with real fruit ingredients – so that is enough for me to say they are healthy 🙂

The weather is finally warming up so now is the time to start gelato hopping.

Best places in St. Louis to get great gelato:

Gelato Di Riso – My Favorite. A great treat after dinner on The Hill or after playing some Bocce at Milo’s! They also have a little patio area to eat your gelato while enjoying the neighborhood.

Gelato tricycle The Gelateria Del Leone – Love this place for the atmosphere and fabulous outdoor patio and it is a great place to go after dinner at Pho Grand. They also offer fun options like a gelato float, gelato in espresso, or even gelato topped with chocolate. Even more fun, they have a gelato tricycle roaming in and around Tower Grove Park.

Gelateria Travolini – Whenever you are on Washington Ave you must check this place out. They also have tasty food and coffee and you can even request a special/custom gelato flavor on their website. Also on their website is a fun quiz where you can find out what your favorite gelato flavor says about you.

Benito’s – These are located in select Schnucks stores – not kidding. Really tasty, especially on a long grocery shopping trip. It might even keep your kids busy long enough for you to get most of the items on your list.

Pastaria – Your Clayton gelato go-to. Not only do they serve great Italian, they also offer a fun selection of gelato flavors. I highly recommend the toasted hazelnut, however, if you’re really brave you might try the wasabi flavor.

The Abbey – A really cute place for breakfast or lunch, or a little shopping on Main Street in Belleville Illinois . They have great coffee and, more importantly, gelato.


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