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We all know Easter decorations consist of pastels, bunnies and eggs, but aren’t you getting tired of the same old deviled eggs, marshmallow bunnies and baskets filled with Easter grass and plastic eggs? Here are some fresh, new ideas to help spice up your Easter this year and give it a little extra pizzazz.

Get rid of those tired, plain old white and yellow deviled eggs and add some color.

deviled eggs
Courtesy of foodjimoto.com

Check out the Fujimoto family recipe. By simply adding an extra step and dipping your egg whites into assorted food colors and using a Super Shooter to create the flowered affect with the yolks, you can easily brighten up your deviled egg dish. Adding some pretty flower petals to the plate is a nice finishing touch as well.

Add some variety to your Easter basket. Instead of using only cheap, plastic eggs or one color hard boiled eggs, give them some dimension.

cracked eggs
Courtesy of lifehacker.com

One extra step and you can have these funky cracked eggs that the kids will love. No art skills, paint, paper towels, etc needed. Simply boil the eggs, then crack the shells, add the dye to the water and boil again.

But it’s not all about the eggs, here are some fun and festive alternatives that will brighten your table when it’s time to start preparing Easter day:

Dreamsicle Punch with orange sherbet, vanilla ice cream, Sprite and cream soda is a quick, easy way to add some color and give the family a delicious drink to add to Easter dinner.

Orange Creamsicle Push-Pops made with orange creme cupcakes and orange cream frosting instead of ice cream are a great party favor or after-dinner dessert. These require a little more planning ahead as you’ll need to have push-up pop containers and they’re not quite as simple as pouring some drinks in a bowl, but they’ll be a hit for sure.

Some additional treats that the kids can help make and decorate:

Rice Krispies treats

Easter rice krispies treats: You could leave them in the normal rice krispie treat shape or have the kids jazz them up using Easter cookie cutter shapes, which you can currently find pretty much anywhere.

Delicious Fruit Carrots: Get your kids to eat their fruit while having some fun with these orange chocolate covered strawberries decorated to look like carrots. They’re fun and the kids will enjoy making treats for the Easter bunny. Just grab some strawberries and orange colored melting chocolates from the grocery store, melt the chocolate, dip the strawberries and you have a unique Easter treat.

Now for the adults:

easter cocktail

“Easter Basket Cocktail“: This fun and festive martini with Cherry Vodka, Triple Sec, Grenadine and Half & Half (or milk) makes a sweet pink drink. Replace the typical olive with a cute little marshmallow peep or toothpick with multi-colored jelly beans and your Easter cocktail is complete.

Lastly, it’s not all about the food. Give the table a little pop with some unique (and recycled) decorations.

Easter centerpiece ideas After you dye and boil those eggs, you now have pretty egg shells that you were just going to trash. Instead, turn them into candles. And we all have a vase (or 10) that have just been taking up space in a cabinet somewhere. Take that girl out and fill her up with a fun, creative mix of Easter treats (you weren’t going to eat them anyways, right?). Top with flowers, decorated eggs or a candle and your Easter arrangement is complete.

Happy Easter Decorating!

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