Kool-Aid Easter Eggs

Melissa DeCicco
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Easter is one of my favorite times of the year. I absolutely love that everyone starts to wear beautiful pastel colors, flowers start to bloom, and I get to eat hard boiled eggs. Does anyone make hard boiled eggs any other time? The only bummer is my despise for traditional egg dying techniques with the smelly vinegar and weird dye tablets. I wanted something safe and easy so my son could really enjoy the process. So I use Kool-Aid to spice up my Easter eggs. You can do it too, in 3 easy steps!

Kool-Aid Easter Eggs

1 packet of Kool-Aid

2/3 cup of water (temperature doesn’t matter)

Put your hard boiled egg in for 5 minutes

That’s all! The best part was that my house smelled great! I used strawberry lemonade, lemon lime, cherry, ice blue raspberry lemonade, peach mango (orange would probably be better), and blastin berry cherry. All the colors turned out really vibrant. I also put some rubber bands on some of them to add some ‘art’  – yes, that is as artsy as I get! You could also use sticker letters or a white crayon on them before you dye them to add some fun.

Kool Aid Easter Eggs Some tips:

1. Don’t use grape – it turns the egg almost black.

2. Don’t leave them in the solution too long because the color will start to peel off and you don’t want that. 5 minutes (or even a little less) is plenty.

3. Put a mat down under your work area – Kool-Aid is messy.

Now that you have your brightly-colored eggs ready, it’s time to decorate. Here are some really great food and decorating ideas! After all the decorating why not hit up some Easter Egg Hunts in St. Louis.


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