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I signed up to be on the waiting list for Erli Bird a while ago because it sounded cool to me. I could sign up for the website and they would give me the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of cool new startups. I also get to help the people behind these ideas test their products. Sounded to me like a great win-win situation.

Erli Bird exists to help solve the problems that startups have with getting their products tested be a large enough group of people. In order to get better and iron out the kinks, these sites need users and feedback. I was all in.

Only problem was I then had to wait patiently for the site to go live.

Yesterday I got the email I had been waiting for. Erli Bird went live.

Now I just have to pick which startups to sign up for.  Here are some of the cool ones I found in my first few hours on the site.

Numbbeez– Numbers are awesome. The above video is even more amazing. I downloaded the app on my phone, you should too.

Ninja Blocks exists to “connect your things to the web”. I don’t totally understand what is going on, mainly because I was an idiot and didn’t learn to code when I was young. Of the free applications on the website, you could controls lights from your phone or be notified when someone trips a motion sensor.  Those two alone are pretty cool. The possibilites once more people get this stuff in their hands are endless.

BoomTrain-A site that pulls all of the best made-for-web shows and whatnot onto one site. Sounds like a great idea.

CodeAvengers– Teach people to code in a fun and effective way? Sounds like a great way to increase the awesome things NinjaBlocks can do.

Instacube– Those digital photo frames that were all the rage a few years ago? This is them on steroids.

Ownshelf- I own a Kindle but I still find myself reading real books most of the time. Why is this? One reason is because I really like actual books. The other reason is because I really enjoy getting books from the library and other free sources. This service attempts to solve one of those problems by making it easier for me to get free e-books. Sold.

And I’ll end this post with the coolest startup I found, viddioPunch. If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know that I love to post videos I find interesting. The editors of this site love me for it. In fact, while writing this post I repeatedly chuckled thinking how amazed they would be at the amount of videos I put in this post. And then I stayed entirerly too late creating a channel on this awesome site. What did I choose to make a channel of? Great covers of songs I like.

And how can you sign up for this site? CLICK HERE

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