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Back in November, I wrote a post titled How About A St. Louis History Museum?. The idea stemmed from a visit to the Missouri History Museum when I was disappointed to find a lack of actual St. Louis History stuff there.

Since writing that post, I have been slacking in my progress with the idea. I did, however, buy the domains and I have made a lot of great purchases in my life, but these rank pretty high.

st. louis cardinals

I have a vision of having lots of stories and pictures on this site, but for now, they redirect to a Tumblr site where I post daily (well, almost daily) on significant or noteworthy events that have happened in St. Louis history.

I decided to recount some of the coolest things I have found during that project here:

  • From 1969-1973, a member of the Saint Louis Billikens’ Men’s Soccer team won the Herman Trophy each year as the Most Outstanding Player in NCAA soccer. The trophy is awarded each year by the Missouri Athletic Club here in Downtown St. Louis.
  • St. Louis Billikens On December 8th, 1966 the New York Yankees traded Roger Maris to the St. Louis Cardinals.
  • In March f 1901, Andrew Carnegie wrote a letter to the City of St. Louis. The letter stated that if the City would agree to set up a tax to support a public library system, he would donate $500,000 to start it. The building that he helped get built was recently renovated and still houses the St. Louis Central Library.
  • On December 27, the St. Louis Cardinals football team lost 21-16 at Dallas. It would be the last game the Cardinals would play as a St. Louis team.
  • On December 10, 1981, a trade was announced at Major League Baseball’s winter meetings that would bring Ozzie Smith to the Cardinals in exchange for Garry Templeton. The trade would not be finalized until February 11, 1982.
  • St. Louis Central Library On February 9, 1988, the 39th Annual NHL All-Star Game was held at the St. Louis Arena. Mario Lemieux scored a hat trick in the game, the last of which came in overtime and won the game for the Wales Conference. He also had three assists in the game to set a single-game record for most points in an All-Star Game. Below is the video of his game-winner.

So far, this is just a little side project, but who knows what it could become. I am enjoying doing it and since I bought the domains, that’s really all that matters. If you too enjoy random bits of St. Louis trivia, check out


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