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Melissa Jensen
4068 days ago.

Bubby and Sissy's Bubby and Sissy's Bubby and Sissy's





This weekend I suggest you head North to my favorite bar. Yes, it is a bit of a haul, but judging by the people I have met, it is a destination for many. I’ve met people who have traveled from further than St. Louis just to visit Bubby and Sissy’s in Alton, IL.

Yes, it is a gay bar and here’s what that means to me:

Bubby and Sissy's
Fantastic Bartender!
  1. Great club music and a crazy dance floor. I’m not sure they are the only place in Alton with a dance floor but DJ Mandy is awesome!
  2. Great people. I’ve made so many amazing friends over the years and look forward to seeing them every time I go.
  3. Fantastic Bartenders…Andrea is missed but Jason is everything I want in a bartender.
  4. Bubby himself…love him.
  5. Huge patio area with some of the best people watching around.
  6. The drag show…more on that later.


I love it here. I venture out to other bars from time to time. I had an incredible time in The Grove last weekend with some great friends, but I always come back here as my home bar. It appears to me to be one of the most popular places to go for a bachelorette party or birthday celebration, especially upstairs. Now if you are gay you know what to expect. However, if you are not, here are some suggestions:

  1. This is not your bar; be respectful.
  2. You will get hit on. Again, this is not your bar. You are welcome here, but it is a gay bar.
  3. Be kind to your bartenders; they are working hard for you. Be nice and tip them well, both upstairs and down.
  4. $1 Jello Shots
    $1 Jello Shots

    If you are a tiny, little straight girl that is used to being the center of attention, you will not be here. This is not your bar. (This may be one of my favorite things about this bar). You will have the time of your life if you can let go of the need to be the center of attention. If you can’t, it’s going to be a long night for you.

  5. If you are not comfortable going, don’t go!  I don’t care who is trying to drag you; this is not a good idea. You hear me ladies…don’t force your man to go if he really is not comfortable and especially if he is prone to making slurs. He’s going to get drunk and ruin your night, my night and everyone else’s night.
Teighlor DeMornay
Teighlor DeMornay

Upstairs is one of the best drag shows in the area.  In case you didn’t know, St. Louis has a ton of drag shows. There is a $5.00 cover at the door if you arrive after 9:00pm but the show is free. Come early on a Saturday night because it is PACKED. Show host Teighlor DeMornay is always amazing and always a crowd favorite. All of the girls are amazing. One more set of tips for you. And if you ladies in the show want to add any, please feel free in the comments below.



Bubby and Sissy's

  1. They are performers; the better the crowd’s energy, the better the show.
  2. Tip, Tip, Tip. Don’t forget to bring your money for tips.
  3. You will get messed with…but if you read my advice above you won’t mind, because if you do mind…DON’T GO!
  4. Do not ever go on the stage unless you are explicitly invited to do so (such as for your birthday). This is their show. No one comes here to see you sneak up on stage.
  5. Have FUN!

So come on over and plan to have an amazing time and meet fantastic people. Bring your tip money and be respectful. Maybe I will see you there.

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