Loveability not Liveability

Mike Brewer
4115 days ago.

STL We all want low crime, over the top community services, subtle aesthetics that make bold statements, efficient transportation and a sense of place. In short, all those things that make our city – St. Louis – Liveable. But is that it?

Do we just want a place organized in such a fashion that it serves our basic human needs. A place where we can fade into the fabric called neighborhood, have our fancy tickled so we can feel good about ourselves when we go home at night – no matter the hour.

Loveable City

Or do we want a city whereby we walk away from any experience, no matter how mundane or truly polished, and say things like – WOW! Or, Very Cool Place, Or the king master of all accolades – I Love Saint Louis.

We are undoubtedly headed toward the “urban age” and guess what comes along with that – Stress. Stress on our infrastructure. And, stress on our need to make our city lovable not just liveable.

Might I posit that what makes people fall in love with cities is other people. People like them. People very much unlike them. People that serve food, beer, wine and other goodness. People that clean the streets and keep them safe at night. People that roam randomly and people that are on a mission. People in politics (sometimes). People in not for profit and for all the profit they can squeeze. People that ride bikes and drive electric cars. People that carry papers under the arm and the one’s that sport the latest super amazing over the top bag named after some far off utopian place.

Not to get too out there but if you want St. Louis to be lovable YOU (the people) have to become lovable. It’s an inside out job 24/7. You have to be that friend that won’t take no for an answer. That friend that loves everyone all the time and with no shame. You know the one.

You get home at night and all you want to do is slip into a coma like sleep  and that guy/gal blows up your phone with text messages to get yourself out to the pub, bar, club or restaurant. And, if you don’t come, he/she unleashes truckloads of shame on you. So much so that you would never dream of not showing up next time around. You can’t help but feel the love in that.

What about you – Do You Love St. Louis? If that is a fanatical yes – then tell me why… If it’s a well yeah I think I do –  then tell me why? And if you don’t care one way or the other – Mr. Truckload of Shame is headed over to see you.

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