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It’s the middle of winter in St. Louis and the last place anyone would want to be is outside. At least for any good length of time. Nevertheless, it’s not too early to start thinking about the shift that comes when Spring gives way to Summer. It’s that sweet spot where your furnace takes pause but outside temps don’t call for A/C.

Seamus McDaniel's Patio Indoor/Outdoor Space

I read a fair amount on design and architecture. Not enough to have a firm opinions about either. One thing I can settle on is creating convertible indoor/outdoor space is really cool. And, if you can take it to the next level and create place it’s even better. That is to suggest that you bring a social element to the space where people want to meet and hang out.

I’m sure there are a million places like this in St. Louis but a couple that come to mind for me are: Seamus McDaniels and McGurk’s

Bring it Home

It just works. For restaurants, it is a perfectly good strategy as it relates to bringing people together. In the way of bringing it home, I like what Ely Walker, Merchandise Mart and The Laurel have to offer. While it is not true convertible indoor/outdoor space, it does live up to creating place. And, giving cause for people to gather for good conversation and good cheer.

I just had the pleasure of reviewing renderings for a new apartment development in Cottleville, just on the fringe of St. Charles. The community will feature a super cool indoor/outdoor space with a full on kitchen. Just the right recipe for creating place. I think people love the outdoors with some of the convenience of indoors such as; respite from the sun, a place to powder their nose and just pure wonderment. It just complements our innate need to be social and participate in relationship.

Where is your favorite indoor/outdoor place or space?

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Photo courtesy of Seamus McDaniel’s

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