House Bill 5523 – Where Do We Live

Mike Brewer
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House Bill 5523

I hesitated – in a big way – posting this as the lead story for the new year but in the end, I just could not let it go.

Where do We Live? 

The following story could fall under the wonderful acronym of WTF? Have we really come to this? Is trust this far down? Makes me think very opposite of the famous Lee Greenwood song – Proud to be an American. A good parody is in order – Sad to be an American.
Where at least I know I am free…Where I know I have no privacy.

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Michigan Passes Law to Protect Social Media Accounts House Bill 5523

Michigan passed a bill on Friday that prohibits employers and schools from asking employees and students for login information to their personal social media accounts. House Bill 5523, signed by Governor Rick Snyder and introduced by state Rep. Aric Nesbitt, “prohibit[s] employers and educational institutions from requiring certain individuals to grant access to, allow observation of, or disclose information that allows access to or observation of personal internet accounts.” This means an employer or institution cannot require that you provide them with your username or passwords for sites like Facebook and Twitter. The bill is known as the “internet privacy protection act.”

The Audacity

Give me one good reason why anyone in their right mind would think that asking an employee for his personal password to a platform that is completely unrelated to his work is reasonable. Moreover – while I applaud Rick and Aric – I question why the tax dollars of the downtrodden state of Michigan are spent on such nonsense. Our country and their pinnacle city is on the brink of economic disaster and we/they are thrust into dealing with a breed of idiot savants. Pure craziness.


In the spirit of not holding my cards too close to my chest – give me the unadulterated version of your thoughts/feelings on the subject. Nuts? Or, do you find merit in the mess?

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