Florissant Gem: Alaska Klondike Coffee

Michelle Bullock
3947 days ago.

Alaska Klondike Coffee 1 I had the joy of finding this “Hidden Gem” in Florissant a few weeks ago on my way to work.  First, let me admit that I am a coffee-aholic. I cannot tell you if the Columbian or Jamaican beans are better, they are all wonderful to me! I usually bring coffee from home – the best part of waking up is usually Folgers in my cup.  But this particular morning I was rushing to get all the kids to school and I left the house without my trusty Starbucks mug.  Unfortunately, the closest Starbucks to me is one connected to our Barnes and Noble and they don’t open until 9:00am.

I was driving on North Lindbergh when I noticed a sign on a building for Alaska Klondike Coffee Company.  That was enough for me to turn in and see what it was all about. I pulled up to this little shop on the end of the plaza. When I walked in, I was instantly greeted by the fabulous smells of the morning, coffee and newspapers.  The little coffee shop is eclectic with its coffee bean bag decoration, the “borrowed book” section, comfy couch and chairs and a great wooden chess set.

I was greeted by the Master Roaster, Steve.  He took my coffee order as I took in the scenery.  He brought back my 16 ounces of wonder called the Golden Cup.  I took just a sip while walking away and had to stop. It was the best cup of coffee/latte I had ever tasted!  I can’t believe I’ve lived in Florissant since 2005 and never knew about this award-winning coffee shop.  As I was leaving, Steve called out to me to have a great day and make sure to be productive!

I have since been back to what I affectionately call “my coffee shop” several times.  Each time, I’m greeted with Steve’s warm smile and always asked if I’m going to “be productive” today.  When I am armed with a great cup of coffee from my coffee shop, the possibilities of being productive are endless.

If you’re ever in Florissant and need a shot of productivity, stop by and see Steve.

I will continue to be on the look-out for more Hidden Gems in my town. Do you have a favorite hidden gem?

beans Alaska Klondike Coffee Company
3200 North US-67
Florissant, MO. 63033
(314) 830-3488 



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