Why You Should Watch Duck Dynasty

Melissa DeCicco
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Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty

If you are not watching Duck Dynasty on A&E, you should be! I had made a decision to stop adding new shows to my weekly schedule but I was convinced that this would be worth breaking my rule. When I first saw commercials for the program I thought this was just another Honey Boo Boo-esque backwoods hillbilly-a-thon. I was wrong.

The story focuses on a self-proclaimed redneck family, The Robertson’s, who have lived the rags to riches story by way of the duck call. Phil Robertson started Duck Commander in the 70’s after he married his high school sweetheart and then had 4 boys to raise in a small town in Louisiana. His son Willie took over the business and has transformed it into a multi-million dollar enterprise. The show follows the family as they work and play. And the facial hair has actually become quite endearing.

One of my favorite episodes:

Here are the reasons the show is unlike many other reality shows on television and why you should be watching.

1. This is a reality show but the family is not dysfunctional. It is actually about a family that has great faith and healthy relationships. The family bond makes me smile 🙂

2. SI. He might be the most hysterical person on earth and certainly makes this show even more fantastic. He is always himself and will leave you laughing out loud. I promise.

3. The people in the show are highly educated. You wouldn’t guess that from all the beards and crazy antics. Here is an interesting read on the family patriarch Phil Robertson.

4. While some of the scenes look a little staged, you never get the feeling that they are just acting for the cameras or for shock value. I am pretty sure they actually live like this even when the cameras are not around.

5. Nice change of pace from shows, that even when helping people in the process, take advantage of human frailty…intervention (addiction)…hoarders (mental illness)…Honey Boo Boo (stupidity).

6. Fame/money is not the motivator. This family is already wealthy so they are not just in it for the money.

7. It is family friendly. They don’t lie, cheat, steal, curse, womanize, drink, or do drugs to get attention.

I was certainly a skeptic but now I am a huge fan. In fact, I might just buy duck calls for everyone on my Christmas list!

In closing, “Hey I’m a elf …not a mind reader.” -SI.  What is your favorite SI moment/quote?


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