What should we get the baby for Christmas?

Melissa DeCicco
2742 days ago.
Rocking Horse

Being a new mom, there have been a lot of firsts this year as I am sure many of you can relate. One of them, recently, I was not prepared for. The question that I am certain I will continue to get until he can answer for himself is “What should we get James for Christmas?” Easy question, right? Wrong. I wasn’t prepared and since this is my first child, I really didn’t know how to answer. And honestly, I didn’t even know what we were going to get our son let alone anyone else.

I know that tech stuff is all the rage this year and those things certainly have a ‘cool’ factor. However, I am calling this Christmas the year of the throwback toys. I think our kids are already overstimulated by all the new gadgets. So, here are some fun and unique gift ideas that go back to the basics for Christmas this year. Mostly found on etsy so get to ordering so they arrive by Christmas.

1. The personalized Step Stool. I think we all remember having a stool with our name on it. It is something that every child should have and it works perfectly when they need to reach the sink to wash their hands and brush their teeth!

2. Wooden Toy Train. I know the ones that are flashy and run on their own are super cool but the wooden version will allow your child to run the train and use some creativity and imagination as they play.

3. Wooden Trike. This little tricycle is not electric or even colorful and only requires a little fancy footwork.

4. Wooden Teether. My son it teething so these were top of mind. The wooden teether is traditional and really effective. My sister-in-law bought this Vibrating Teether for James, and he loves it as well – highly recommend (but not a throwback gift).

5. Rocking Horse Rocking Horse. Another toy that I loved as a child and still actually have in our basement.

6. Barn. This adorable barn is perfect for any playtime. What kid doesn’t love all the cute farm animals?

7. Play Clay. Similar to play dough but scented! They have all different scents – even some special for the holidays. Definitely a unique gift.

8. Toy Chest. I think the traditional wood toy chests are amazing. It offers some aesthetic appeal and also a place to hide toys when necessary. This one is personalized and comes in many different finishes. It is also reasonably priced which is hard to find. You can also get one on amazon.

9. Baby's First Ornament First Christmas Ornament. Every child needs a first Christmas ornament but check with the parents to see if they have one already. This personalized block ornament is absolutely adorable too!

10. Baby Discovery Toy. This is a cute, simple concept-type toy. Baby will be surprised to pull toys out of the discovery box.

These are just some ideas. I would love to hear more as we are always looking for new toys, so please share in the comments! Happy Holidays!

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