January 6: Twelfth Night

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A week from this Sunday, a prominent local businessman will step out onto the steps in front of Johnny’s in Soulard and give the final decision whether Mardi Gras 2013 will go on as scheduled. Hours of petitioning the Mardi Gras Board by local leaders, revelers and krewes will proceed the announcement.

The petitioning and announcements may or may not be a formality, you’ll have to show up to find out.

Each year, January 6th is “Twelfth Night” which marks the start of the Carnival Season which runs through Mardi Gras Day. Mardi Gras Day may be better known to you as ‘Fat Tuesday’. This year Fat Tuesday falls on February 11th.

The local Mardi Gras celebration, put on by Mardi Gras Inc. in Soulard, features 11 separate events spread out over a season that spans just over a month.

Two newsworthy pieces of information have already been revealed about this year’s events. The Bacon Brothers will be the Grand Marshals of the Beggin’ Pet Parade on February 3 and El Monstero will be headlining the Mayor’s Ball on February 8.

This is all of course on the assumption that petitioning goes well and “Rex” as the Chairman of the Board is known, decides that the 2013 edition of Mardi Gras in Soulard may go on.

Petitioning of the Board will start at 4:00pm in the upstairs room at Johnny’s. Anyone wishing to petition must register.  The announcement will be made at approximately 5:30pm on the front steps. A musical procession will then wind its way through the streets of Soulard, toasting local establishments along the way, before ending at Soulard Market Park. The Mardi Gras flag will then be raised at the corner of 7th and Soulard to thunderous applause and fireworks.

Just in case you are a bit confused about what Twelfth night is all about, here is a video of last year’s event.



Come out to Soulard Sunday, January 6th and join in the fun festivities. Oh, and you might want to plan on taking a hungover…I mean sick day, on Monday.


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