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Well St. Louis, you’ll be excited to know it’s not just Soulard that knows how to throw a good holiday pub crawl. For the first year, Clayton is hosting a city wide bar crawl called The Twelve Bars of Clayton. It is on Saturday, December 15th from 5pm until bars close. Yes, my friends, that does happen to fall on the same day as the Soulard SantaCon Pub Crawl, which also starts at 5pm.

So now for the tough part, which holiday pub crawl do you attend? I understand this may be a difficult decision so I have broken down the pros and cons of each…according to me…to help you make your decision. Good luck!

Why 12 Bars of Clayton is cool:

  1. It benefits 3 great local charities: Autism Speaks, HavenHouse and Hope for Young Adults with Cancer.
  2. You get a sweatshirt and koozie with your $25 ticket purchase.
  3. It goes to 12 bars, which is pretty ambitious of them, but it’s a fun goal (SantaCon only goes to 4 Soulard bars).
  4. There is a trolley that will shuttle you from bar to bar.
  5. The Crowne Plaza hotel is offering discounted hotel rates for pub crawlers for the night, so if you don’t live in Clayton, you don’t have to worry about how to get home.
Why 12 Bars of Clayton is not as cool as Soulard’s SantaCon:
  1. There will not be hundreds of Santa costumes flooding the streets of Clayton.
  2. It’s not free. I get it, $25 which gets you a shuttle to the bars, a sweatshirt and a koozie is a pretty sweet deal, but in my opinion, it doesn’t beat free.
  3. There’s no sweet Santa after-party at Molly’s.
  4. It’s not in Soulard. Listen, this is just a personal preference. Maybe if you live in Clayton, you’d have this one on your why it is cooler list, but Soulard always wins out for me.

12 Bars of Clayton

Saturday, December 15th @5pm

Check-In at Crowne Plaza Lobby

7750 Carondelet Ave

Cost: $25.00

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