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winterize your home

winterize your home I know it might be hard to believe but the weather might actually get cold at some point this season. Time to winterize! Don’t get stuck with impossible insulation or a failing furnace.  Freeze out the frost with these tips:

Under doors – Place a rolled bath towel under a drafty door.  According to the US Department of Energy, decreasing drafts can reduce your energy use by 5 to 30 percent! Or, you can purchase a fancy one here.

On the ceiling – Reverse the direction of your ceiling fan to push warm air downward.

In the basement – Clean your furnace filter once a month during the heating season for increased airflow, and consider switching to a permanent, washable filter, which traps around 88% of debris.

Online – Some states offer energy saver incentives, like free programmable thermostats and insulation upgrades.  Go to for any potential deals.

Around the house – Rearrange furniture to make sure heating vents are not blocked.

In the attic – Make sure you have at least twelve inches of insulation lining your attic to keep heat from escaping through your roof.

Last but not least, for every degree you set your thermostat back, you’ll save 3% on heating costs.  Let’s start winterizing!

Sources include:; MSN Real Estate, and the Atacan Group
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