Whiskey in the Winter 2012

Melissa Jensen
3062 days ago.

I get it, I really do…this is a brewery town.  St. Louis has been a beer town for a very long time, but I am not a beer drinker.  It makes me sleepy, it makes me gassy, it makes me feel full and bloated.  On the rare occasion I drink beer, I’ve never found one that I get excited for.  Now whiskey on the other hand, yes a million times over.  Whiskey has my heart.  My passion was forming early. While others were drinking Boone’s Farm, I was drinking Downhome Punch. That progressed into Jack and Coke and then my amazing aunt-in-law showed me the goodness of Jameson Irish Whiskey and ginger ale.  At that moment I started my pursuit of the best whiskey.   My favorite so far is Glenlivet 12yr Scotch Whisky, although I haven’t tried enough to really commit.

In comes the greatest tasting event ever planned.  Whiskey in Winter 2012!  This event will feature over 150 whiskeys, unlimited whiskey tastings, whiskey food pairings, whiskey cocktail bars (and hopefully a designated driver).  In seriousness, the Hyatt will have a special $89.00 rate that night and you can reserve The Scooter Guy at member rates if you use the promo code WHISKEY.

The list of available whiskeys is insane (and is serving as a handy shopping guide for my whiskey themed party). They cover pretty much every type and price point that you could hope for, from Jack Daniels to Moonshine to Yamakazi 12yr.  Notable is J.J. Neukomm which is brewed right here in St. Louis at Square One brewery (I picked up a bottle today for a pre-sampling).  If you are a true lover you can go VIP which includes two Golden Tickets to sample rare whiskeys or you can add a single golden ticket that night for $20.00.

When : Saturday December 1st  6-9:30pm

Where: Hyatt in Downtown

YOU MUST BUY YOUR TICKETS IN ADVANCE $80.00  per person or $110.00 for VIP

(that may seem steep, but this is unlimited whiskey tasting)

Brought to you by: Mills Properties
Photo courtesy of fubiz.net

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