Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn II Opens This Friday

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The time has come for Twilight fans to enjoy Breaking Dawn II. The last and final movie is set to hit the theatres this Friday, November 16, 2012. I, like many others, have been waiting all year for this. Now to decide if you are team Edward or team Jacob.

You can guarantee that there is going to be a huge showing all over St. Louis. I have even heard that some theatres are going to be showing all the movies for a Twilight Saga marathon. I personally am not up for sitting in a movie theatre seat that long, but I will definitely have my own marathon on the couch, then hit the theatre for Breaking Dawn II.

I recently read a funny fact about the screen writer, Melissa Matheson, that she accidentally left the entire Breaking Dawn script in a Louisiana Hotel bathroom and the script had all her notes inside. Don’t worry though, a trusty hotel worker returned the script and notes. It’s a good thing the script didn’t get leaked.

You can view the Twilight Saga Marathon at Regal St. Louis Mills Stadium 18 & IMAX on Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 11:25am or any of the St. Louis AMC Theatres at 11:30am.

How will you watch the finale of the Twilight Series?

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