‘Tis The Season…For Holiday Lifetime Movies!

3024 days ago.

Guess what I did for 10 hours straight yesterday?

Hung out in my apartment watching Lifetime movies. Not the typical Lifetime movies which most people relate to the subject of domestic violence, but Holiday Lifetime movies!

Each year, Lifetime hosts a series of holiday-themed movies throughout the months of November and December. Over the years,  it’s been called ‘FaLaLaLaLifetime’, while this year they’re calling it ‘It’s A Wonderful Lifetime’. I could care less what the theme name is, the point is…the movies rock!

They are holiday themed romantic comedies, which little did I know, there are a lot of women who love to indulge in these movies over the holiday season. Thank goodness, because after watching movies all day on the couch…in the bed…whatever, that part’s not really important, I came to find out many other women were doing the same thing!

So here’s to you ladies, or just holiday-romantic comedy loving people of the world. It’s our time to enjoy a great season of holiday Lifetime movies!

And if you forgot about this awesome holiday movie marathon, don’t worry, there are still many more amazing movies to catch. Plus, I’m sure they will re-air ones that they’ve played over the past two weekends as well. In fact, my favorite so far is Holiday High School Reunion. It’s a little like Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion mixed with a sweet Christmas movie with hottie Jonathan Bennett from Mean Girls. Anyway, it airs again Thurs, Nov 22nd at 8pm, so you can still see it!

Here’s what’s still to come:

The March Sisters at Christmas on Saturday, Nov 24th at 8/7c: A modern version of Little Women where the kids return home for Christmas to help repair their family home so their parents don’t have to sell it…with intermingled love stories.

Love At The Christmas Table on Sunday, November 25th at 7/6c: Stars Danica McKellar (Winnie from the Wonder Years), it’s about family friends who fall in love at Christmas. Oh and I should mention, Danica (@danicamckellar) will be live tweeting during the premiere…pretty sweet!

The Christmas Consultant on Sunday, Dec 2nd at 3/2c: Starring David Hasselhoff as a Christmas consultant hired to help a family in need of Christmas spirit.

Finding Mrs. Claus on Sunday, Dec 2nd at 9/8c: Starring Mira Sorvino as Mrs. Claus, who feels neglected by Santa and travels to Las Vegas to help a little girl. Santa follows and chaos ensues in Sin City.

Then there are some like Holly’s Holiday, The Real St. Nick and more which have not yet been scheduled, but if you just keep your t.v. tuned into Lifetime each weekend, you won’t miss anything.

And if you’re busy decorating for Thanksgiving, buying Christmas presents, etc, and you think you might forget about them, no worries, you can visit MyLifetime.com, find the movie(s) you’re interested in, click Remind Me and have an e-mail reminder sent to you when they’re going to air.

My apologies in advance if you’re one of those traditional Miracle on 34th St, A Christmas Story, National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation holiday movie type people, but holiday Lifetime movies are so much more awesome!


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